Why Not Lend Money?

Recently, the network more and more stories appear people who are faced with the problem of borrowing money from friends and acquaintances. Unfortunately, it often happens that those who take money rarely give it back or do it with great reluctance. Here is one story, why not lend money:

A few months ago, I lent my girlfriend money to pay rent. She did not ask me, but I knew that she really needed the money, and I, just, had an “extra” amount. After some time I asked her when she could give me the money, she replied that she would definitely do it later. This happened several times. Then we went with her to the store, and she bought herself 10,000 rubles of new clothes, without stuttering about the money I owed. How to get this money back now?

In other matters, on a par with similar stories, there are many articles on the Internet on the topic of why it is impossible to lend money to friends and acquaintances and the situation described above is another good example of this. But the situation of each of us is purely individual and, even after reading a few instructions, it is difficult to refuse a loved one at a crucial moment. As a result, it turns out that you are entering into some kind of inequality – the borrower and the lender. And it does not matter what the conditions of such a loan are, anyway, such inequality will slowly but surely worsen friendly relations.


So what to do if you are in a similar situation?

money or friends?

First of all, honestly ask yourself what money or friendship is more important to you. Be really honest with yourself, most likely the answer will be friendship. However, in reality this may not be the case. Think not about the need for a friend today or in the coming days, but about your friendship as a whole. Does the money that you got from a friend change his personality as a whole? The answer to this question can only be given by you yourself, no one can do this for you.

If you decide that friendship is more important to you – forget about money. It is, but you just stop thinking about it – imagine that you donated this amount and do not expect it to return. And if all of a sudden the money has returned to you – treat it with joy and exclude such a situation for a particular person in the future.
If you suspect that the friendship is falling apart anyway, it will be much easier to tell the person that you want to get the money back. In this case, you no longer need to be shy and shy to remind you about your duty periodically. But having reached such a point, do not overdo it, do not turn from friend to enemy, be moderately persistent.


You should not lend money from friends. Find out why..

You should not lend money from friends. Find out why..

Now, perhaps, it became a little clearer to you why you should not lend money to your acquaintances. At best, you will lose money, at worst – a friend. Therefore, it is best not to provide such a service. Or, giving the amount, tell yourself that this is a gift and only for one time. Perhaps the best way would be to help a friend not with finances, but with some action, for example, to provide housing for some time. If this seems to be an even more difficult option, and the money is needed in a small amount, and you need to get it as soon as possible, you can advise to borrow money in a microfinance organization. In order not to lose extra time in the bank.

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