Watch: Saudi TV show impersonates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in skit


Making a sarcasm-laden political commentary, a Saudi state-run television channel poked fun at the US government in a skit. The parody skit, which takes aim at US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, is now breaking the internet, leaving plenty of surprises online.

A recent report on the Saudi television show, Studio 22, caught everyone’s attention by portraying the two US leaders against the backdrop of the recent Russian-Ukrainian conflict. The sketch aired by the Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC) had Khaled Al-Faraj impersonating Biden, who looks confused and sleepy when talking to the press. While another male actor in drag is seen impersonating Harris.

The skit begins with the two executives walking onscreen in front of a lectern as camera flashes are heard against a backdrop of American flags. Biden points offscreen, as at members of the press, before leaving the stage, however, Harris brings him back to the lectern.

In the sketch, Biden is seen getting confused between Spain and Africa, before forgetting the name of Russian President Vladimir Putin. And while Harris’ character is seen trying to rectify his mistake and help her with prompting words, he mistakenly thanks her by calling her the “first lady.” The sketch then shows Biden dozing on the dais, only waking up when Harris nudges him, before getting confused further and mentioning China.

And if all of that wasn’t enough, it ends with Harris’ character dragging a sleeping Biden off the stage, shouting, “Thank you, everyone. Alleluia! Applaud the President.

Political satires are nothing new on American television, and many have compared the skit to one often seen on Saturday Night Live (SNL) or the sarcasm-filled commentary on late-night talk shows. However, many were surprised to see Saudi Arabia spreading such mimicry about its political ally. Although not everyone was impressed with the skit and many said it was “anything but funny”.


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