Wallpaper is a trend in 2022: Argentinian design options


the wallpaper is booming and gain more and more followers. Why? Because it has the power to transform a room simply and quickly, it has good durability and adds a personal touch to environments.

Currently There are many designs and models to choose from. but only some are fashionable this year. We review them.

What wallpaper patterns are used in 2022

An example of wallpaper. Capsule of Muresco 1. (Photo: Instagram @murescorev)

First, nature prints are used, both colorful and in more neutral palettes. There are more realistic patterns and others that are simpler, some resembling the jungle and others more delicate and floral. Thus, animals and plants coexist on the walls of houses.

And if wallpaper is usually used in the living room, dining room or bedroom, the more daring are starting to use it in the kitchen as well. Then, geometric or striped patterns work well.

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Two national design options

In line with these trends, we show you two proposals that in 2021 received the Argentinian seal of good design. This distinction is granted by the Ministry of Productive Development of the Nation to products that stand out for their quality of innovation and design, among other variables.

In vinyl paper is the collection Capsule Murescocreated by designers and influencers Maria Julia Vasile and Cecilia Gerpe, which refers to nature. “A balance of colors in saturated, organic tones with shapes and textures reminiscent of the charm of hand drawing,” they say of the Label.

Mercedes Costal wallpaper.  (Instagram photo @mercedes.costal)
Mercedes Costal wallpaper. (Instagram photo @mercedes.costal)

On the other hand, in designer wallpaper, the collection stands out. Wallpaper, by the Mercedes Costal design studio. The motif “The rest of the herons” was designed by Mercedes and Ignacio Costal and represents, as the studio explains, an idyllic and refined landscape framed in the waters of the Coast.


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