Voters set up ‘Steve Baker Watch’ on MP’s climate stance | Climate crisis


Constituents of MP Steve Baker, worried about his environmental stance, have created a “Steve Baker Watch” group and are launching a crowdfunding page to raise funds. Voters in Baker’s constituency of High Wycombe in the rolling hills of Chiltern believe Baker is trying to ‘derail Government plans to improve the environment’.

Baker, who as chairman of the European Research Group was instrumental in pushing for a hard Brexit, helped found the Net Zero Scrutiny Group (NZSG), which has close ties to Global Warming Policy Foundation, a group of lobbyists accused of denying climate science.

The Guardian last week reported on fears the group is trying to derail the government’s green agenda, linking it to the cost of living crisis and raising fears of a ‘culture war’ campaign around net zero .

Activists told the Guardian: “Steve’s Net Zero Watch campaign will make the lives of people in Wycombe miserable. He wants to stop us from getting cheaper clean energy, insulating our homes, and creating a better future for our children. We’ve had enough!

They plan to “educate” the local population about their MP’s views on climate action, including handing out leaflets, holding vigils outside his office and creating a website.

Baker told the Guardian: ‘I see the people associated with this campaign are from the opposition parties in the constituency. I am grateful for all they are doing to point out that Wycombe voters will be poorer and colder unless we change course like I am doing.

“We all care about the planet, but our current net zero strategy only works for those who can afford much higher bills. If that is what the local Liberal Democrats and Labor want, I will be happy to explain it to voters.

The group, however, says it does not represent any political faction. He said: “We are a group of concerned citizens who care about climate change and the lives of ordinary people. We do not represent any political party.

The NZSG Group, which has received extensive media coverage over the past month despite its small numbers, says it does not dispute climate science or the need to decarbonise. He has called for green tax cuts and increased fossil fuel production to tackle the energy crisis, and recently pushed for fracking in the UK.


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