Virginie: the perfect backdrop for several horror and thriller films


(WFXR) – Halloween is a time when thrill seekers are looking for their next scare, whether it’s a haunted house, a corn maze, a spooky amusement park or a horror movie!

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Virginie is a perfect backdrop for many horror and thriller films. Below is a list of some movies you may have seen that have been shot across the Commonwealth.

“The Redeemer: Son of Satan!

This 1978 American horror film is set during a 10-year-old high school reunion. That’s when a group of people suddenly find themselves trapped inside the school as a mysterious killer is on the run. This masked psychotic preacher, known as the Redeemer, kills them because of the sinful life they lead.

According to IMDB, the filming locations took place in Staunton, which is located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. The city is steeped in history, with the Presidential Library and Museum which houses the legacy of Woodrow Wilson or the chance to take a walk with the people who migrated from the Old World to America in Frontier Culture Museum. The city also offers a theater evening at the American Shakespeare Center.


In 1999 an American sci-fi horror film was released titled “Virus”. The film’s plot follows a crew on a tugboat who discovers a high-tech alien life form that has taken control of a Russian research vessel and creates mechanical warriors to destroy all humans.

According to the IMDB website, the filming locations took place in Newport News, Norfolk International Airport, and at Pier 14 of the Norfolk Naval Station.

“Cherry Falls”

This slasher movie was made in 2000 and involves a serial slasher going on a rampage at Cherry Falls High School in a small town in Virginia.

This film was shot in several locations across the Commonwealth, including Dinwiddie, Petersburg, Warrenton and Richmond, according to IMDB.

Dinwiddie has a rich history with roots dating back to the founding of the county in 1752. County website said the first settlers were Paleo Indians, but the county was named after Robert Dinwiddie, who became the lieutenant governor of Virginia.


Ridley Scott directed “Hannibal,” the 2001 psychological horror film based on the 1999 novel by Thomas Harris. This film is the sequel to 1991’s “The Silence of the Lambs”. In “Hannibal,” FBI Special Agent Clarice Starling tries to capture Hannibal Lecter before Mason Verger, a surviving victim, first reaches him.

IMDB website said some of the filming locations were in Richmond and Montpellier.

“Broken sources”

This independent horror film was produced, directed and edited by Neeley Lawson, originally from Virginia. It was filmed in the fall of 2008, but didn’t come out until 2010. “Broken Springs” tells the story of a group of high school kids who drank tainted moonlight and turned into zombie-eating zombies. flesh.

Part of the film was shot in City Gate, a place in southwest Virginia with a few historic routes, including the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail. Besides history, nature lovers can experience the natural tunnel, which was dug naturally, measures the height of a 10-story building and is over 850 feet long.


In 2008, “Carver” hit theaters. This horror film claims it is based on a true story and follows the events of five people who end up going camping and never return home.

According to IMDB, the film was shot in the City of Occoquan. Located just 20 miles south of Washington, DC, the city is known for its small family businesses.

“The box”

The psychological thriller “The Box”, released in 2009, follows a married couple who end up receiving a small wooden box. They have a choice: open the box and earn a million dollars, but in return, kill someone they don’t know.

Parts of the film were shot in Hampton at NASA’s Langley Research Center. You can find Hampton at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay. It is one of the oldest cities in America, founded in 1610, according to the city site.

“The hunting house”

In 2012, “House Hunting” was released at the Virginia Film Festival. This psychological horror thriller tells the story of two families who set off in search of a home. During their search, the families come across what appears to be an abandoned house, but inside they find a little girl. Families soon find they can’t leave.

On the IMDB site, it is said that the film was shot in Charlottesville. This central Virginia town sits on the Upper Piedmont Plateau at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

“House of Good and Evil”

This psychological thriller was filmed in Floyd County and was originally screened there. “House of Good and Evil” was released in 2013, following the story of a married couple who miscarried. The two attempt to save their marriage by starting over and buying a house in the Deep Woods, but it turns out that evil has a key to that house, too.

Floyd County is known for its music, natural beauty, and the arts. It is located at the top of the Blue Ridge Plateau in southwestern Virginia.

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