Two men from Durango team up to turn recyclable materials into furniture


DURANGO, CO – A new environmental trend called “upcycling” is making its mark in the Four Corners.

Instead of turning a used item into something new, upcycling reuses waste without completely changing its original form. And now two guys from Durango are centering their new venture on that.

Anima artisans take one man’s trash and turn it into another man’s furniture with one goal in mind.

“To help clean up the world even if it’s one small piece of metal or wood at a time,” said Dalton Bevill, co-founder and owner of Animas Artisans.

Bevill and his business partner, Dylan McClain, opened a store three months ago.

“I grew up on a ranch in northeast Nebraska where I raised cattle and corn and wheat all kinds of stuff,” Bevill said.

While McClain has an engineering background.

“I went to mining school in Golden, Colorado, was there for about six years,” McClain said.

But they have one thing in common, an eye for design. So when they found themselves working in commerce in Durango, they decided it was time to open their own boutique, with a twist. They use scrap materials to create custom artwork and furniture.

“This tree is kind of just weird, a bunch of trash that we respect together to do something cool.”

Because they say it’s about seeing the potential of what’s been thrown away.

“We want to use as many materials as possible that would go into the landfill and bring it to life, and bring it back to something beautiful,” Bevill said.

Bevill and McClain’s 100% scrap tree will be installed at Durango’s Art Brigade.


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