Tom Dixon and VitrA announce “Liquid” bathroom line


Tom Dixon and VitrA announce “Liquid” bathroom line

Tom Dixon’s very first bathroom line influenced by Victorian plumbing, children’s drawings and pop art

In partnership with VitrA

The technical quality and rugged reliability of Victorian bathrooms inspired the new “Liquid” bathroom line from VitrA and Tom Dixon. “I love the feeling of permanence in Victorian bathrooms, with their big taps and big tubes,” Dixon says. “It’s an aesthetic closely linked to a whole British engineering tradition, which has influenced the development of the bathroom. “

Like much of Dixon’s recent work, the new collection – sanitary ware, furniture, faucets, tiles, shower systems, and accessories, all designed to work together or as stand-alone pieces – is aligned with his growing use of rounded edges and bulbous shapes. . The designs of “Liquid,” he explains, are influenced by elements of pop art, such as the work of Claes Oldenburg, Balloon Dog by Jeff Koons and the rounded marble shapes of Barbara Hepworth.

Tom Dixon and VitrA’s full bathroom

Mindful of the current fad for skinny, downsizing bathroom designs, Dixon and VitrA set out to make a contrapuntal statement, incorporating fatter, softer sculptural lines for “Liquid” that are inherently more generous and stronger. The smooth and curved parts of the range are easy to clean. The faucets are designed with simple controls, while the soft edges ensure a safe bathroom environment.

For the all-white ceramic sanitary ware, Dixon used clay – readily available and extremely durable and durable – rejoicing in the material’s transformative versatility, “the way a little gray and oily earth can turn into something. thing so white, clean and shiny “.

While the overall design of “Liquid” is clean, a style Dixon calls “expressive minimalism,” its functionality is simple and intuitive, so users can instinctively understand how to use the products. “I wanted the collection to look like a child’s sketch of a sink or faucet,” says Dixon, “displaying clear logic and simplicity in appearance and use. ”

The range also combines other materials, including fluted glass and wire mesh. Faucets and showers are available in chrome or, for contrast, in a new glossy black finish atypical for modern bathrooms. The collection also includes distinctive wall tiles, available in five designs and with color options of white, black, gray, sage green and ecru. The tile patterns reflect the ripples in the water and the designs inspired by the classic U-bend used in plumbing, with raised dots and waves that can be creatively configured.

The products in the range, including a butler sink, a shower column with a magnetic handshower and a touchless faucet, can be combined to suit different styles and uses, such as private and public use, offering customers the ability to customize the bathroom space.

Leveraging VitrA’s vast manufacturing, design and innovation capabilities, the Dixon line is the latest addition to the company’s portfolio of designer collaborations (with Ross Lovegrove, Sebastian Conran, Arik Levy, Terri Pecora, Claudio Bellini and more) to create a modern and distinctive bathroom. collections to complement any washroom space.

During this vast collaborative process, the shared vision of the creative teams at Dixon and VitrA was to create a complete bathroom solution that is for everyone – “contemporary without being contemporary,” says Dixon. The end result is ‘Liquid’, a range of Victorian influence but also permanent and contemporary. Completely new and yet nice and familiar. §


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