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TOLLAND – The Planning and Zoning Commission will discuss the proposed by-law and possibly schedule a public hearing on retail cannabis in the city this evening.

The proposed draft regulations would allow cannabis dispensaries and retail stores as “retail uses” that would require a special permit for approval, according to PZC documents. The proposed by-law would also stipulate that these establishments and any advertising relating to them could not be located within 500 feet of school grounds, public parks or recreation areas or libraries.

City Planning and Development Director David Corcoran said today that the PZC had asked him to also create a draft regulation that would propose to allow the production of recreational and medical marijuana in agricultural areas. from the city.

According to PZC documents, the proposed draft regulations would also remove additional restrictions on medical marijuana dispensaries.

Corcoran said a public hearing would only be scheduled if PZC members were able to reach consensus on the proposed settlements tonight. He added that they may also make changes to the draft regulations at tonight’s meeting. Under state law, Tolland would only be allowed to have one cannabis retail establishment in town, as it has a population of less than 25,000.

City Council Chairman Steven Jones said today that while marijuana is not something he is personally interested in, he believes the PZC will be in a position to make a “wise decision” that will take into account safety and proximity to schools.

Acting City Manager Lisa Hancock said today she had no comment on the proposal other than to say: “I think it is up to the citizens and the commission to take the decision. good decision based on how citizens feel. “

If the PZC holds a public hearing, this will be the first action it takes regarding the regulation of cannabis at the retail level. However, the city council has already addressed the matter by passing an ordinance this month banning the consumption of cannabis, as well as any other type of smoking or vaping in any recreation area belonging to the city.

The ordinance, however, excludes the outer areas belonging to the City’s Conservation Commission, and it will be up to them to adopt their own separate ordinance.

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