TikTok owner ByteDance explores self-designed chips


While ByteDance is best known for its viral social media app TikTok, the Beijing-based company is now bolstering its capabilities in semiconductor design. ByteDance will not make chips to sell to others, but will design the semiconductors it needs for specific applications in-house.

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TikTok owner ByteDance plans to design its own chips, joining a host of Chinese semiconductor-focused internet giants as Beijing tries to become more self-sufficient in critical technology.

ByteDance, the parent company behind TikTok and more recent gaming hits, is exploring chip design for its own use in specialized areas because it has been unable to find vendors that can meet its requirements, said a spokesperson at CNBC.

The chips will be customized to handle workloads across ByteDance’s multiple business areas, including video platforms, information and entertainment applications, the spokesperson added.

ByteDance will not manufacture chips for sale to other companies. The social media giant has several job postings on its website for roles related to semiconductor design.

The Beijing-based company’s push into semiconductor design plays on two main themes: a growing corporate focus on creating chips for specific purposes, as well as the Chinese government’s drive to get stronger in this fundamental technology. .


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