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A man organizes a blood drive at his daughter’s wedding venue

It was a special wedding celebration at Basavanagar Main road on Sunday. All the guests, decked out for the occasion, were seen queuing to donate blood.

In a unique initiative to help raise awareness, a couple of bangalore held a blood drive at their wedding in Basavanagar in Marathahalli.

During the pandemic, blood donations have been hit hard. Blood banks were emptying and hospitals were no longer receiving donors, and patients who needed them were scrambling to find them. Now that things are back to normal, blood banks are slowly improving with increased donations.

It’s quite common to see blood banks partnering with businesses and schools to donate blood, but donating blood at a wedding venue is unique and could be the first campaign of its kind in the world. town.

The idea of ​​organizing a blood drive was launched by Rajshekaran Ba service provider by profession and resident of Marathahalli, who has been donating blood for 30 years. On his daughter Shradha’s wedding day, he decided to start a blood donation campaign.

Rajshekaran said: “I have been giving blood for 30 years. There are patients who need blood daily and their families are running everywhere to find it. If many people show up to donate, many blood banks could be full and help the needy. I also participated in many blood donation camps. I wanted to raise awareness for people to come forward to donate blood, so I thought it would be great to have a donation drive at my daughter’s wedding where lots of people could donate blood. The Lions Blood Bank bonded with us and held the camp.

A mobile van was brought to campus and the bloody donation campaign was launched. Many were surprised to see the mobile van in front of the wedding hall. While on the bright side, many of the people who came to attend the wedding voluntarily showed up to donate blood.

Alphonse Kurian from Bangalore Lion Club said: “It was a big event to host a blood donation at a wedding. This has never happened before and it was wonderful to see so many people showing up to donate.

He added that since covid cases have come down, blood camps have opened up. “Compared to the last six months, blood donations are working better now. Many companies are also coming forward now. A few days ago we organized a blood drive and it is much better in a company where we expected 100 units but we got 200 units. During blood drives, many people are not hemoglobin qualified and cannot donate, reducing donation. Young people are the main source of donations, so we partner with colleges. College students donate voluntarily and show up with many friends to donate. ”


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