This Miami residence is an elevated house in Florida


Miami residence on Biscayne Bay is the perfect Florida home

Strang Design and Bartoli Architecture join forces for Shelter Residence, a Miami home engulfed in nature

Shelter is a contemporary Miami residence set in the lush tropical Florida as much as possible. The private home is an elegant blend of indoor and outdoor spaces and native greenery, allowing owners to become one with nature at every turn – not only through its gardens, but also high ceilings, large openings and paved terraces that allow light to travel and the eye to wander. Created by Strang Design and Bartoli Architecture on Sunset Island in the middle of Biscayne Bay, it’s hard to imagine such a polished space being a Miami home once created “tailor-made”, for a local developer, Cadus Corporation , without a specific customer. in mind.

“It’s remarkably difficult to design to spec because you really have no idea who the end buyer will be,” says architect Max Strang. “It could be a family of five, a retired couple or an active single person. Generally speaking, spec homes tend to be designed to the lowest common denominator. Developers usually want the home to have a very broad appeal. For this particular home, we ignored that rule and aimed for a striking design suitable for those who truly appreciate architecture. For more flexibility, we wanted certain spaces to function as a bedroom, an office or a gym. At the end of the day, however, I have to admit that I still view the development as if I lived there. I think this strategy results in a lot more focus on the project.

Overcoming the difficulties of the brief and applying the firm’s signature approach of site- and climate-focused design, Strang and his collaborators composed a home defined by space, light and its series of vertical exterior “fins,” which not only “serve a structural role, they also provide protection from the Florida sun and privacy for occupants,” he explains.

The co-author of the project, Bartoli Architecture, took charge of the interior design once the property was sold to a private client. The firm adapted Strang Design’s concept to the needs of the new owner, through an elegant interior composition that is part minimalist architecture and a warm, art-filled contemporary family home. “This project was exciting because it provided my practice with the opportunity to shed new light on another architect’s design,” says founder Alain Bartoli. “I respect the work of Max Strang (Strang Design), so this was an opportunity to work on a high quality house.” The project was special to me because I was able to work with great clients who understood the value of designing to existing specifications and allowed me to carefully redesign it to make it theirs.

Containing five bedrooms, six bathrooms and a variety of living spaces over two generous floors, this Miami residence is glamorous, yet understated, allowing the strong local sunlight and surrounding nature to steal the show. “The house is connected to the sky and to the outside”, adds Bartoli.

“It’s a house that lets you feel like you’re outside. The rooms are flooded with natural light and offer views of the landscape that envelops the house. From almost all interior spaces, you can admire the swimming pool and the terrace. It feels like a seaside resort. It’s like an oasis. In my opinion, that’s what makes it very “Miami,” says Strang. §


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