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At first glance, this is your stereotypical young professional woman pursuing a career in the public service after having completed years of training and the qualifications expected from home.

But Vedika Rathod, a nurse in the intensive care unit at Colonial War Memorial Hospital and Nikhaat Akbar Khan, an environmental officer for the Fijian government, were passionate about fashion.

Each is particularly excited about the dramatic sleeves and unusual necklines of fashion clothes inspired by European silhouettes.

So when Nikhaat, Ba lass, 25, and her friend from Nadi, Vedika, 29, realized that they had a common hidden passion for fashion that a professional career in medicine and the environment could not fully fulfill. , NV Designs was born.

Their eponymous collection is a combination of resort wear and wearable fashion that is inspired by their love for bold sleeves and bold colors.

Shown tonight (Tuesday 23 November) alongside Hosanna Kabakoro’s Duatani Collection, the NV Designs was filmed on location at the official residence of the European Union Ambassador to the Pacific, His Excellency Sujiro Seam and Jane Seam . “

We love bold sleeves and colors that give women confidence. We read a lot and follow the fashion scene. We believe in good communication and experimenting with ideas. We love the versatility of fashion because fashion has no boundaries. People express themselves through their dress style and we love to design outfits that help people feel unique and stylish, ”Nikhaat said.

“I love how clothes make me feel, when I wear something that I love, I feel good. My favorite piece in the collection is a cream colored silk piece and it is beautiful, elegant and very stylish and definitely turns heads. “

Making their debut at FJFW21 Virtual, the two joined FJFW to gain more experience and learn from the biggest names they are featuring this week in the hopes that this stint will inspire them to turn the hobby into a business.

“This is the first time that we participate in FJFW and our moodboard reflects our creations. It shows our love for sleeves and the accessories we would pair with every outfit. Our mood board reflects the colors and our material preferences for each of our designs, ”said Vedika.

“We made a list of all the ideas we had and picked our colors first, because we both love bold sleeves and nice clean outfits, we decided to showcase them for our first collection. “

Given their day jobs and higher education, the pair took a business approach and chose their raw materials following market research done early in the season to determine what might work on the scene. of Fijian fashion.

“We did a survey of all locally available fabrics and looked for tailors who we gave samples to work with so that we could pick someone who we thought could work on our designs,” Nikhaat said. .

While their goal is to bring a very different style of fashion to market, NV Designs is keen to make their customers comfortable while being stylish.

As they work to think outside the box with their designs, the goal is always to make them relevant to Fiji.

They are hoping the 18-30 age group will find their designs wearable and they have focused on the womenswear market, although there are plans to go into menswear later.

Although entirely new to the fashion scene, women already have a lot to say about their beginner’s experience.

“The best part of FFW21 is the experience and the results we got. We learned a lot about clothing design and the thought process on each piece we created took us a lot of time and back and forth with our tailor.

Vedika is studying fashion design, so she was able to incorporate a lot of her ideas into the designs, ”Nikhat said.

“Our advice to other aspiring designers is to always be organized and have a clear thinking process. Keep an open mind to new ideas and pay close attention to detail – this will ensure that you deliver good quality work.

“We are grateful for the support of our partners and our family during the production process. We would like to thank FFW21 for their support and guidance during FFW21. “

  • LICE MOVONO is a freelance journalist and public relations consultant.



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