The best photo backdrops at Boston Calling 2022


If you’re sweating through a music festival after a two-year dry spell and not posting a picture on Instagram, have you been there? As you kick off your selfie game this weekend at Boston Call, we’ve spotted the best spots around the Harvard Athletic Complex for photos and Instagram Stories. Thank us when your number of likes soars.

All photos by Jason Greenough for Vanyaland.

The scene: Interpret-ready geometric shapes scattered throughout the Blue Stage area, which may or may not look like oversized toddler toys. Bonus points if you can adjust the ferris wheel in the background.

What this place says about you: I love long walks through sculpture parks and trips to the Guggenheim. This art is probably as abstract as my haircut.

The scene: The Wanamaker Trophy display, tucked inside the US Open tent (located to the left of the Boston Calling gates, next to the Coca-Cola setup)

What this place says about you: I also have photos with the Stanley Cup and at least one of the Red Sox’s coveted commissioner’s trophies. I’m also unbearably concerned about the fate of the Celtics this season.

The scene: The larger than life PAL BT radio at the Tivoli Audio tent, next to the Orange Stage

What this place says about you: I’m a Serious Musician™ with heaps of niche audio gear at home. Soon, I will be at the front of the green stage seeing – and judging – the cranks of each headliner.

The scene: The near-iconic Bunker Hill pillar at the center of the festival, which now sports a fresh coat of paint

What this place says about you: I waited 30 minutes for a free spot in front of this bad boy and then forced my partner to arrange a full photo shoot for me.

The scene: The left side of the Harvard News setup – currently serving Red Bull mocktails – covered in new and old Boston Calling posters.

What this place says about you: I think the flyer is cool and #retro. Also, I want to create the illusion that I’m outside of a nightclub in the middle of town instead of being a stone’s throw from overpriced drinks.


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