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Sunday roast / Isay Weinfeld

Perfect plan

Isay Weinfeld once wanted to be a filmmaker, but his masterpieces now come in the form of artfully designed boutiques, hotels and homes in cities from New York to Barcelona and Brasilia. Here, the São Paulo architect (and director) tells us about his penchant for French toast, cachaça and the importance of silence.

Where do we find you this weekend?
In the outskirts of São Paulo, take pictures.

What’s your perfect start to a Sunday: a soft start or a jerk?
Probably working, which to me means having fun.

Your favorite soundtrack?
“4’33” by John Cage [a composition in which no sounds are made by instruments].

News or not?
News, always.

A little exercise to keep the blood flowing?
No, exercise makes me feel worse.

Have lunch inside or outside?
Normally outside, but during the pandemic I took advantage of my time.

Pantry essentials that you can’t do without?

Your essential Sunday culture?
I don’t really consider anything a ‘must’, unless I must.

A glass of anything you would recommend?
Cachaça, a Brazilian distilled alcohol.

Your ideal place to dine?
At home, preferably in the kitchen.

What is on the menu?
French toast.

What will you wear on Monday?
I’ll start with my briefs. The rest will come naturally.


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