SPREAD YOUR WINGS: the new down-to-earth mural


(WING)SPANNING ART. The local garden center gets two murals around its grounds thanks to a local artist and an employee. (Photos provided by the artist)

Thanks to a talented local artist – who also happens to be an employee – Down to Earth Garden Center has become even more eye-pleasing with a new mural.

Caitlin Plaisance, an Eau Claire artist, has been working at Down to Earth since last season and admits she pushed and pushed owner Ben Polzin to let her beautify a certain part of the center for a while.

“Two years ago Ben purchased a few shipping containers to use for extra storage space and I have been on his case to help spruce them up and create a nice visual backdrop for our perennials” , explained Plaisance.

Before the rich backdrop that sets off the massive new mural, the containers were… lackluster.

Plaisance’s work has been on display at SHIFT Cyclery Coffee Bar all summer, with her first mural project just completed last July at the Altoona Library using Color Block. The new Down to Earth mural joins Plaisance’s body of work in the area, and the next mural in the garden center will be completed in September, also by Plaisance.

Having taken her artistic talents in painting seriously since 2019, Plaisance grew up a creative child and graduated with a degree in horticulture. She loves her current job and working in horticulture as much as she loves art, and hopes to have a few more exhibitions in the future showcasing her work.

Photo via Down to Earth's Facebook.

Photo via Down to Earth’s Facebook.

“Down to Earth has been a really healthy place for me to be and work for the past few years. It’s hard not to notice how much (Ben, John and Sandy Polzin) take care of their employees, so these murals are a great way to give back,” she said.

At the root of the mural is its personal significance for the owning family’s own faith and the involvement of the religious community.

Check out Caitlin Plaisance’s upcoming work by following her on Instagram (dirty__hairy) and check out Down to Earth’s daily work on Facebook.


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