SpaceX spaceship backdrop? Elon Musk says it’s a good one after mission reports aren’t close to launch


SpaceX’s spacecraft may just be a backdrop at the next event to showcase the stainless steel spacecraft at the next Starbase event, Boca Chica. The upcoming event on Thursday February 10 will bring a massive update on the Starship spacecraft, especially with what it has to offer in the coming months after it is in the process of obtaining the launch license. of testing.

Will SpaceX Starship only serve as a backdrop for Thursday’s event?

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SpaceX’s “massive spacecraft launch tower” in Texas still hasn’t been approved by the FAA.

According to Teslarati report, the SpaceX Starship will be the “ultimate backdrop” of an event for the spacecraft, and this relates to the non-operational situation of the stainless steel rocket. The report says the spacecraft may not have a test launch any time soon, especially now that the massive crane is not yet operational.

Booster 4, or the Super Heavy that will propel spacecraft skyward, is now in position on the orbital launch pad, which is the wrong location for the spacecraft, says Teslarati. The Super Heavy and the Starship should be with Mechazilla, also known as a massive structure with arms to carry the two starships.

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Elon Musk says Starship is ‘good’ backdrop; No trial?

Musk said the Starship is a good backdrop compared to others, and it can also mean that the CEO confirms that this would only be an opportunity to show it to the public. However, it’s important to note that Musk hasn’t confirmed anything regarding Starship flights, especially with the upcoming showcase and weeks ahead.

SpaceX’s ship and its mission to Mars

SpaceX Starship’s goal is to go to Mars, and the mission is to establish a colony on the Red Planet for humans to live there. The multiplanetary goals came from CEO Elon Musk, and it’s because he thinks it’s the solution for the world to avoid and experience population collapse, which he says is happening right now in the world. most countries.

The mission to Mars is a milestone for humanity and Musk’s space company, and that’s because they aim to go places no one else can. However, this would ensure that legitimate scientists and experts will soon join his human thefts which will occur in a few years. Musk thinks coming to Mars can help make life multiplanetary.

Musk’s space company will soon be hosting a showcase in Texas to discuss its Starship plans for the future, especially now that it’s about to happen. Also, there could be speculation again about his delayed flights, but this will soon draw attention and discussion from Musk who will wait until Thursday to resolve this issue.

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