Sifu Mod replaces the protagonist with John Wick


Modders have created a John Wick skin mod for Sloclap’s new Kung Fu beat ’em up Sifu, allowing players to take on the role of the titular assassin.

A talented modder replaced Sifuthe main protagonist with John Wick, giving players a chance to take on the role of the popular fictional assassin and allowing them to re-enact the well-known Club scene from the original film. Despite being a movie icon, John WickThe popularity of led the character to receive several video game spinoffs and a handful of features in other titles. The character made an explosive introduction in an exclusive heist expansion for Payday 2 before making its way to Epic Games’ popular battle royale, fortnite. In fortniteplayers could purchase and play with a John Wick outfit and participate in a limited game mode titled “Wick’s Bounty” which featured its own John Wick themed challenges and rewards.


Sifu is the first title released by Slocap since its first martial arts-themed action role-playing video game absolve almost four years ago. Known as one of the most anticipated games of 2022, Sifu immerses players in a playable martial arts movie, blending cinematic, fast-paced, melee combat with a unique, roguelike aging mechanic that increases the challenge and makes the action interesting. Sifu also attempts to capture the deep narrative of Chinese martial arts films. Players take on the role of a Kung Fu student tasked with getting revenge by taking down five martial arts masters who murdered their father years before. This conflict is the basis of Sifuunique structure.

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Fans once again show their love for John Wickbecause a modder exchanged Sifuwith the legendary assassin to make room for stylish combat and action. YouTuber Dan Allen Gaming posted a clip of Sifuit is John Wick Reskin, created by modder THE BEYONDERS. During the clip, the player re-enacts the popular scene from the original John Wick film where the assassin shoots and fights his way out of a neon-lit nightclub. Played out in the game’s first club dance floor, the scene is strongly reminiscent of the movie, with close combat, neon lighting, and blaring music as enemies are taken down one by one.

John Wick is known for its fast-paced hand-to-hand combat mixed with stylishly executed Gun-fu fight scenes. Although Sifu is entirely comprised of tough close quarters combat with no gunplay, the similarities are clear, and the game’s many takedown animations suit the assassin perfectly. Most interestingly, the reskin’s character model and art design are identical to by Sifu, looking more like hidden in-game content or downloadable content than a fan-made mod. This makes the mod an ideal addition for any PC gamer looking to roleplay.

by John Wick the popularity with the gaming community is perpetual, and the character reskin could offer a taste of the many mods fans will create for Sloclap’s acclaimed title in the future. While the game is only a few days old, post-launch plans Sifu DLCs ​​have been announced, so players can see new official character skins soon.

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Sifu is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via the Epic Game Store.

Source: Dan Allen Gaming/Youtube, BEYOND/Patreon

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Sifu Review: Lean and Mean, but left wanting more

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