Seek-No-Further Cidery offers a unique experience


GRANVILLE, Ohio – A man from central Ohio is the proud owner of a new cider house in Granville.

“A man named Beers is opening a cider house, and yes people have taken a kick out of it for sure,” said Trent Beers, owner of the new Seek-No-Further cider house.

Beers takes his cider seriously, checking the last batch every other day to make sure it’s ready to consume.

“We check the sugar level of the cider, which we do every few days just to make sure it’s fermenting,” Beers said. “What we want to do is come up with one. We are currently roughly there.

Beers currently offers two of its own ciders to accompany several others from across the country.

When it comes to cider making, he said what sets Seek-No-Further apart is a back to basics approach.

“This cider is made with half the Legend Hills apples from Utica in Ohio, and the other half with Wickson crab apple and Golden Russet blend from a little place called Ricker Farms in Maine,” Beers said. . “Most of the ciders that exist are quite sweet with different flavors. We really try, especially with our dry cider, to get our flavors through the apples.

Seek-No-Further is housed in a renovated barn, adjacent to Bancroft Cottage, a guesthouse owned by Beers.

His previous career was in graphic design, so he creates his own brand, from logos to t-shirts and hats.

Beers also hopes to use the cider house space for small community events and later expand further into the local market.

“I think there is a phase two or three which would consist of some distribution, whether it is only in local restaurants, and possibly in cans and bottles, but I think it is still a long way off,” he said. Beers said.

Seek-No-Further is just the second cider house in central Ohio.

The company is located at 126 E. Elm St. in historic downtown Granville.

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