SBI alert! Bank warns customers not to click on links in illicit instant lending messages | Personal finance news


You should be familiar with the instant loan messages that appear on your phone with almost everyone. In today’s generation everyone needs a loan to maintain a certain lifestyle and that makes that person click on such potentially dangerous links and then later they worry about it when his bank account is emptied.

In order to protect people from fraudsters, State Bank of India tweeted that their bank account holders should not click on such links asking to provide instant loans. These scam offers promise that the process will be quick and hassle-free.

SBI tweeted from its official Twitter account: “Beware of fraudulent instant loan applications! Please do not click on unauthorized links and do not provide your details to an entity masquerading as SBI or any other bank. Visit for all your financial needs.

The bank also shared a few security tips besides giving the message to its customers about the fraudulent instant loan apps that could be a trap.

If someone is looking for loans, one has to go directly to the bank or check their CIBIL score and if it matches the bank’s requirements then a hassle-free loan is provided to the customer.

In addition, a customer should verify the authenticity of an application before uploading or providing any type of document.

Full details of the loan disbursement are given on the bank’s website and the customer can also call the customer service number to inquire about the loans.


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