Rogan Gregory deals with alien design in New York


Rogan Gregory conjures up alien designs in New York

In a furniture exhibition at R & Company New York, ‘Imperfect Truth’ (through October 28, 2022), Rogan Gregory conjures up surreal shapes in organic matter in his sculptural design pieces

From perfectly spherical bulbs spring strange organic figures. Their bright lights seem to look down; unknown shapes and globular, flowing masses of clay and bronze suggest an extraterrestrial being. Rogan Gregory’s exhibition at R & Company in New York seems closer to the invention of an imaginary reality than a furniture fair.

The pieces, which Gregory has configured into a living and dining area as well as a gallery of chairs and lamps, are on display at R&Company through October 28. Both sculptural and functional, they meet in an adventurous medium, with irregular curves dominating the orchestrated pieces.

Bronze chair and lamp by Rogan Gregory, on display at ‘Imperfect Truth’ 2022. Photography: Joe Kramm, courtesy of R & Company

A soft material covers sofas and “crescent” armchairs, as well as a lamp, like a slender figure of Dr. Zeuss covered in fur. A large coffee table is splayed across the floor, sandalwood partially rounded into smooth fragments of a flat surface, partially left to display its imperfect knots. The use of natural materials in Gregory’s creations only adds to the quasi-personification of the objects. The curve of a lamp stretching its neck above an armchair is ironic, introducing a playful element into interior design.

It’s clear that the designs represent an exploration – of the designer’s creative inner world (see more in our 2020 visit to Rogan Gregory’s LA studio) and the limits of what we choose to have in our homes. It is inspired by natural forms to evoke characters in table legs and lamp bases. “My job is to reintroduce organic forms and stimulate textures and colors in our flat and rectilinear environments. In doing so, I hope to evoke joy and emotion more broadly, and encourage new connections and awareness of nature,” he explains.

Bronze chair by Rogan Gregory, on display at ‘Imperfect Truth’ 2022. Image courtesy of R & Company

Gregory’s decade-long stint in the fashion industry is evident in the humanistic forms of his lamps, he takes a simple curve and dresses it in angular cones of light and surreal cylinders, reminiscent of coral. The pieces are at the crossroads between art and furniture. In the gallery, Gregory’s chairs and stools seem to have taken any but the simplest path to find their structure.

A hanging chair, seemingly inspired by the “egg” chair, has no backrest, only a ring of dripping dark matter; it is sinister and delicate. Thick-bottomed chairs mirror footstools, and a brass throne has holes, dents, and dents – and somehow seems to be staring at you through its extended orifice. §

Lamps by Rogan Gregory, on display at ‘Imperfect Truth’ 2022. Photography: Joe Kramm, courtesy of R & Company


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