Right-wing groups set fire to Christian religious books in Karnataka


The Kolar incident is the 38th attack on religious minorities in Karnataka in the past 12 months


Members of right-wing groups set fire to Christian religious books in Kolar, Karnataka, alleging church conversions during the latest community attack on Christians in Karnataka. No arrests were made in this case. Police said the Christian community had been warned against distributing religious brochures. No member of any right-wing group has been arrested.

“We have warned the Christian community not to create community discord by going door to door and preaching. Both parties, the right wing and members of the Christian community have settled the matter amicably,” he said. said an officer on condition of anonymity.

The incident occurred when representatives of the Christian community were going door-to-door as part of a preaching campaign. They were intercepted and interrogated by members of right-wing groups, who then grabbed the brochures and set them on fire.

Admitting that they were burning religious books, one of the right-wingers insisted that they “had not acted violently”. “We didn’t disturb them. They were distributing books in our neighborhood and doing propaganda about Christianity,” he told reporters.

The Kolar incident is the 38th attack on religious minorities in Karnataka in the past 12 months. There has been a wave of such attacks since the BJP-led state government began considering a bill to ban forced religious conversions.

According to an investigative report documented by the United Christians Forum, the Association for the Protection of Civil Rights and United Against Hate, from January to September this year, 32 attacks on churches and the Christian community took place. Between October and December, six attacks were reported.

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said on Sunday that the forced religious conversions bill will be discussed in the state assembly’s winter session and that this is aimed at avoiding the forced conversions that are rampant in the state. ‘State.

“The bill is only intended to prevent religious conversions through incitement,” Bommai said. “A majority of people want a similar law to be introduced in the state after studying laws enacted in other states,” he added, referring to a law from Uttar Pradesh.

The BJP-led Haryana is also considering a similar law.


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