Reforms can be temporarily unpleasant, but beneficial in the long run, says PM Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday that the decisions and reforms might be unpleasant temporarily, but over time the country will reap benefits.
He observed that India in the 21st century belongs to wealth and job creators and innovators, who are the real strength of the country. The government has been promoting it for eight years.

“The path to start-up and innovation is not an easy one, and leading the country down this path over the past eight years has not been easy either. Several decisions and reforms may be unpleasant temporarily, but over time, their benefits may be felt by the country,” Modi said.

Modi’s comments came amid widespread protests against “Agnipath”, the new army recruitment program announced by the Centre.

Addressing after inaugurating or laying the groundwork for various development works, he said, “Only the path of reforms can lead us to new goals and new determination…we have opened up the space sector and of defense which for decades was under the control of the government”. Noting that Bangalore has shown what India’s youth can achieve if the government grants facilities and interferes less in the lives of citizens, Modi said that Bangalore is the dream city for Indian youth and entrepreneurship; innovation and good use of the public and private sectors are the main reasons for this.

“Bengaluru teaches these people to change their mindset, which is still degrading India’s private sector and private enterprise today. These power-minded people are weighing the strength of the country and the ability of crores of Indians to the lowest,” he said.

Affirming that the promise made by the ‘dual engine’ government can be seen coming to fruition today, Modi said the projects launched today will support ease of living and ease of doing business.

Bengaluru is the true reflection of ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’, and the progress of the city is tied to the progress of lakhs of dreams, he said, adding that the dual-engine government is committed to overall development of the city, both in terms of livelihoods and infrastructure.

He further stated that there is a 40-year delay in the implementation of the suburban railway project for Bengaluru. If they had been completed on time, they would not have put pressure on the city’s infrastructure and would have strengthened it even further.
“I don’t want to waste time and I will work every minute…” he added.


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