Playboy’s New Private Plane Revives 1970s Panache In All The Right Ways


Discovering the laws of motion and gravity, Sir Isaac Newton uttered the famous phrase “What goes up must come down”, but Playboy’s chic revival of the original Big Bunny plane proves the English mathematician wrong. The plane climbed, descended, and is actually coming back up very soon. The Mansion in the Sky, as it was called 50 years ago among passengers such as Cher, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, LeRoy Neiman, Shel Silverstein and Barbi Benton, took off in 1970 when Playboy founder Hugh Hefner , bought the plane for $ 5.5 million. , last landed in 1975 when he sold the iconic black airliner to Aeromexico, and in late November it returned to the sky.

The new Big Bunny pays homage to its 1970s predecessor with a stark black exterior and the classic Playboy logo painted on the side.Photo: Jet Focus Courtesy of Playboy

The new Big Bunny, which makes quite a statement thanks to its glossy black exterior stamped with the instantly recognizable rabbit head and the original registration number N950PB on the tail, will fulfill its old duty of transporting artists, influencers and thought leaders around the world.

While the simple but sultry exterior of the original jet attracted a lot of attention even at 35,000 feet in the air, the interiors, including the salon and its custom leather sofas and Hefner’s salon, were de higher level. The new Big Bunny will pay homage to its predecessor with equally stylish spaces, the creative design of the in-house team at Playboy and International Jet Interiors. Anna Ondaatje, vice president of global brand and franchise strategy at Playboy, says: “One of our main influences was, of course, the original Big Bunny jet from the 1970s. OG Big Bunny leather seats that are so instantly recognizable.

The interiors are as chic as ever with an emphasis on texture. Ondaatje explains, “We intentionally chose materials that hint at the era of the original Playboy jet: microsuede, crushed velvet, pressed crocodile and linen. They are all reminiscent of the early 1970s. In choosing materials, we also wanted to create a pleasant tactile interactions with these varied textures contribute to the overall experience of comfort, softness and luxury.
Photo: Jet Focus Courtesy of Playboy


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