Pine Nut Cabane is a new French cabin from Daab Design


The French hut becomes a family’s dream escape outside Marseille

Daab Design is the originator of Pine Nut Cabane, a minimalist French cabin located in the green nature of the south of France

Nestled in a forest outside of Marseille in the south of France, the Pine Nut Cabane by Daab Design could hardly be more idyllic. The project, a private commission created in collaboration with French chalet company Mustache, is an ecological retreat made of natural materials and refreshingly simple that has produced a fine example of alluring minimalist architecture.

“As a practice, we are well used to working in different countries and within the framework of patrimonial or material constraints. At the Pine Nut Cabane, our design had to work with the natural elements of the very special and sentimental site, ”explains Anais Blehaut, director of Daab Design. “We worked closely with our project partners, Mustache, and our clients to incorporate natural materials and design interventions that would truly celebrate and enhance the location and the views. “

The small but perfectly formed hut – linked to a larger farm in the same estate – was designed as a small getaway for a multigenerational international family, to use as a rural getaway, artist studio or flexible guest space , depending on needs and time of year. The architects opted for a fairly simple volume, with an outline that refers to the vernacular of local agriculture in an abstract and minimalist way. Smart orientation means that a generous east-facing terrace makes the most of the light and panoramic views over the valley.

Inside, interiors remain simple and uncluttered, using plywood and matte black finishes. Meanwhile, a polished concrete floor and a “cave-shaped shower corner of light terra-cotta tiles” help anchor the structure to its site. Sustainable strategies include natural cross ventilation and passive cooling, smart insulation to keep indoor temperatures stable, and the use of local contractors and materials.

“We have a large and now internationally extended family, so family reunions have become all the more important to us. Daab Design used the project as a way to commemorate a special location on our property, which we are grateful for, ”clients say. “The new booth gives us the much-needed space to relax and rest when we all get together, as well as space for our independent art practices. “

A surrounding landscape using native plants and local limestone, created by Tamaris Design, ensures that this tiny French cabin feels naturally integrated into its lush green setting of rolling hills and mature trees. §


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