Phoenix’s Return to the Live Indie Scene: Alpha Zulu Tour Review


Surfing up to the indie heyday of 2010, Phoenix have always been THE trend-setting band. With major hits like “Liztomania” and “1901,” Phoenix has captured the hearts of many throughout her discography and career. And even better, we were able to go back in time and relive it all live. Let us fill you up!

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As nostalgia began to invade the room, we were first able to hear a promising group. If you like music like Inhaler, Hermanos Guitierrez and Talking Heads, you’ll definitely fall in love with Aaron Maine’s studio project: Porches. This group had created a vibey space that invites you to come as you are. They covered some of their most popular songs like “Mood” and “Rangerover,” and it was a sight to behold. By the time Porches finished their set, Phoenix fans were shouting “I love you” and “te amo” paying homage to the main act’s lyrics.


While we are still recovering from yesterday’s big night, we can’t live without it. Being their biggest US tour in a few years, Phoenix had come to the stage stronger than ever. Right from the start, their set design and lighting design captured the attention of fans. Slowly introducing themes of French architecture and astrophysics, these themes matched the new single releases perfectly. Lead singer Thomas Mars circled the stage effortlessly as each member of the band brought their own hype to the table. We’re not kidding when we say they haven’t lost their spark.

Releasing new songs over the past few months, Phoenix made sure to include them in their set list! Even though Ezra Koenig couldn’t surprise the crowd this time, their rendition of “Tonight” summed up the show perfectly. On the face of it, the band was thrilled to be back on the road and constantly thanked us for being there. We were head over heels in love with them and their fans – the energy in the room had been so peaceful and inclusive all night.

Whether you’re looking for a good night out, looking to revel in nostalgia, or just want to relax in the independent music scene for another night, we strongly suggest getting a ticket – you’ll be pleasantly surprised and maybe make some new friends.

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