Origami-inspired Inora light switches and wiring range set new standards for timeless design in the Middle East


Designed with quality, functionality, and simplicity in mind, Inora creates a timeless aesthetic to complement the interior styling of any residential or commercial building here in the region.

Its clean lines, gently curved toggles, and sleek top and bottom chamfer frames were all inspired by the ancient Japanese art of Origami paper folding. The top and bottom rotating surfaces of the frames form a symmetrical, minimalist and balanced aesthetic, making its understated design a truly versatile accessory for any building interior.

The Inora line of lighting and wiring switches debuts at the right time, as the Middle East lighting fixture market poised for a post-covid rebound, growing at five percent per year from 2021 to 2027, according to a new research report from analysts at 6Wresearch. .

Samuel Merkli, head of ABB’s global line of wiring accessories, said: “Inora’s timeless ergonomic design uses straight lines for visual segmentation. It combines functionality with high quality materials and safety features and is incredibly quick and safe to install. The new range is the perfect choice for installers as well as interior designers, as the design industry here in the Middle East continues to deploy innovative solutions.

The Inora range can meet the functional needs of any building with USB charging points integrated into outlets, switches with up to four rockers, dimmers, switches, range control units and a optional blue lighting to highlight the location of the sockets at night to mention a few. Installers can configure up to four scales in a frame, as well as other functions, such as USB charging points, saving space and maximizing installation time thanks to the large available wiring space and terminal blocks. easily accessible cables. Fewer wiring accessories needed throughout the building, also contribute to a clean interior design.

Available in four colors – white, classic gray, star black and royal gold – the Inora is made from high quality polycarbonate materials, both for the surface and the installation parts, and also features materials in alloy of copper and red silver, which guarantees durability and performance for many years.

Inora has been certified according to the installation requirements of the British standard and offers great durability thanks to its high quality materials. In addition, the sockets have been designed with safety shutters to protect children from electrical hazards. Plus, the switch features subtle blue illumination for easy location at night.

The new range offers building owners, designers and installers design choices that are remarkable for their great versatility.


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