On stage: Candy Crush is having a carnival and a drone show for its tenth anniversary!


What could be better than a carnival celebrating all things candy? The one that ends with a dizzying drone show, of course! Only Candy Crush can pull off such a thing, and on Wednesday, New York’s Battery Park was transformed into the ultimate candy destination. Upon arrival, guests were immediately greeted with an adult-sized ball pit and a series of slides to slide down. If you looked closely, you’d see that the balls were inspired by Candy Crush’s iconic color bombs. The cute details didn’t stop there, however, because just past the DJ to the right of the ball pit was the entrance to the play area, which gave the carnival its name. You can play classic squirt gun or basketball carnival games and compete for the cutest candy-crushing prizes, including candy-shaped beanies, tote bags and pillows iconic. There was a make-your-own hot chocolate station as well as a station where you could be treated to all the candy your heart desired, and guests enjoyed delicious crush-themed food and drinks. candy all night while listening to a live DJ, Luda Amour.

Candy Crush Saga has become a worldwide phenomenon, attracting hundreds of millions of players from all over the world. As one of the most played mobile games year after year, it has been downloaded over three billion times since its launch in 2012. As of the second quarter of 2022, Candy Crush was the highest-grossing game franchise in stores US apps for the 20th consecutive quarter. To date, over five trillion Candy Crush Saga levels have been played in 200 countries and territories.

Over a thousand people joined in on the fun at Battery Park, and for 10 sweet minutes candies were matched at over 1,000 times the size seen on a cellphone in a jaw-dropping performance of 500 synchronized drones. Electrifying color bombs at a larger than life show Tiffisome of the game’s most iconic elements took flight into the night sky.

“We are honored to celebrate such an incredible milestone for Candy Crush Sagasaid Fernanda Romano, chief marketing officer at King. “Candy Crush Saga is one of the most beloved mobile games of all time and remains a daily source of enjoyment in the lives of millions of people. We wanted to mark this momentous anniversary by highlighting some of Candy Crush Saga the most iconic features in a larger-than-life way above the skyline of the world’s most iconic city. We are extremely grateful to our players around the world who have allowed us to thrive over the past 10 years, and we are committed to continuing to make the world more fun for many years to come.

“We wanted to help tell people Candy Crush Saga story in the most breathtaking way possible,” said Jeff Kaplan, general manager of Pixis Drones. “The game is packed with beautiful iconography, but bringing this to life took months of collaboration and the full breadth of Pixis’ engineering and design expertise. The end product is one of the most polished performances and most dynamic that we have executed, and we are delighted to have collaborated with Candy Crush Saga to help mark such a special moment.

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