Old visuals circulate amid Karauli communal violence


In light of recent incidents of communal violence in Karauli district of Rajasthan, a social media Publish accompanying video containing images of a large number of houses topped with saffron flags is widely shared attributing it to Karauli. Through this article, let us verify the facts alleged in the message.

To claim: Visuals of a large number of houses in Karauli with saffron flags following recent communal violence.

Made: While Karauli witnessed communal violence on Hindu New Year’s Day, the viral visuals have nothing to do with Karauli’s violence. The video has been around the web for some time now. In the past, the same visuals were attributed to the Karnataka hijab line. Therefore, the claim made in the message is MISLEADING.

Earlier this month, on April 2, 2022, the Karauli of Rajasthan witnessed communal violence. Violence erupted following stones being thrown at a gathering of Hindu bikers crossing a predominantly Muslim area on Hindu New Year’s Day. Visuals related to violence can be viewed here, hereand here.

However, the viral video shared in the post has nothing to do with the Karauli incident. These visuals have been around the web for quite a while now. A few old social media posts that shared the same video earlier can be viewed here and here.

Earlier, when the same video was shared in the context of the Karnataka hijab row, FACTLY debunked the video as old and unrelated.

To sum up, old visuals are circulating against a backdrop of Karauli communal violence.


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