NTSB: 13-year-old was driving in crash in Texas that killed 9 people


Investigators say the left front tire of the 2007 Dodge pickup truck, which was a spare, exploded, which pulled the truck onto the center line of Highway FM 1788 in Andrews County, N. West Texas. NTSB officials did not say why the teenager was behind the wheel.

The speed limit on the two-lane rural highway is 75 mph and the accident caused a large fire, according to federal safety investigators. NTSB Vice Chairman Bruce Landsberg noted that the destruction was immense. Specialists will try to determine the precise speed data of the vehicles as part of the agency’s investigation.

“It was very clearly a high-speed head-on collision between two heavy vehicles,” Landsberg said. “We will seek to download the vehicle recorders if they survived.”

He said specialists in highway design, human and vehicle performance, crash survivability and toxicology were gathering information as part of the investigation into the factors that caused the crash.

“We’re going to look at driver licensing procedures to see what their background is,” Landsberg said.

Landsberg said it appears some of the passengers on the bus were not wearing seat belts and at least one was ejected from the Ford Transit.

The men’s and women’s golf teams were returning to their campus in Hobbs, NM, after a competition in Midland, Texas, according to the university, which said in a statement that the school community was shocked and in mourning. The school has set up a funds to support victims and their families.

“Please continue to pray for our families, students, coaches, staff, campus and community as we navigate this difficult time,” university athletic director Steve Appel said in a statement.

Landsberg denounced the heavy death toll on American roads, where federal officials said 38,824 people were killed in 2020.

“Nationally, unfortunately, we see this kind of problem way too much, and for a variety of reasons,” he said. “Sometimes it’s DUI. Sometimes it’s distracted driving. Sometimes it’s excessive speed. Sometimes it’s all of the above.

Landsberg said that for years, NTSB specialists have noted much-needed road safety improvements in many areas, including drunk and distracted driving, tire safety, and highway speeding. rural.


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