Now get clicked with an explosion as your backdrop in Japan


People have traveled miles to get that perfect shot but you don’t often hear that explosions are the backdrop of an image.

Now a company in Japan is offering to provide photo shoots against the backdrop of cinematic-grade explosives. This unique photo opportunity is provided by Japanese disguise companies that organize trips to Iwafuneyama Quarry near Mount Iwafune in Tochigi City. Here, professionals ignite explosives in a safe environment so customers can click their photos against an action movie backdrop.

Interestingly, movies like Super Sentai (also known as Power Rangers) shot many of their action scenes in Iwafuneyama’s career. Now people dress up as action heroes and characters from anime series or fantasy movies like Harry Potter to get their perfect superhero shot. Some people even took their pre-wedding photos with explosives.

According to NHK World, tourists have to pay nearly 35,000 yen (about 20,000 rupees) to have their picture taken with special explosives. The companies offer two types of explosives, namely napalm bombings and cement bombs. The former gives a flashy fire-like effect, while the latter blasts dust and mud.

On Friday, NHK World tweeted a video documenting those photo shoots. This video quickly started circulating on social media and garnered over a million views. Many people commented on how the photo shoot seemed like an interesting and unique experience.

Commenting on the video, a Twitter user wrote, “I absolutely have to do this someday.” Another person said, “If I ever get married, I’ll take my wedding photos there.”


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