Nightwing sets the stage to defeat Zod


The following contains spoilers for Young Justice: Phantoms Episode 24, “Zenith and Abyss,” now streaming on HBO Max.

The last episode of Young Justice: Ghosts saw the culmination of two plot threads that had been followed all season. The team and the Justice League were able to solve the mystery of what happened to Conner Kent but couldn’t stop Lor-Zod from freeing his father, General Dru-Zod, into the real world with a battalion of loyal Kryptonian soldiers. at his back. Things look dire for the heroes of Earth-16, but luckily for them, a Nightwing plan means victory can still be snatched from the jaws of defeat.

As the young justice The episode “Zenith and Abyss” begins, a team of first-year team members (Nightwing, Aquaman, Tigress, Zatanna and Rocket) managed to enter the Phantom Zone and locate Zod’s base of operations . They find Superboy and try to bring him back, but he is still brainwashed by Zod. The General himself appears with his buddies, and although the team puts up a valiant effort, the Kryptonians are far more experienced in fighting in the Phantom Zone and completely overwhelm the team. Nightwing then pulls out his trump card: a box of kryptonite… which doesn’t affect anyone in the Zone and is immediately confiscated by Zod. Without any movement, Zatanna casts a glamorous spell, allowing the team to escape and regroup.

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Meanwhile, back in the real world, Green Lantern Forager arrives at the Justice League Watchtower with the Kaizer-Thrall. With the help of Miss Martian’s telepathy, the heroes learn that the machine was once a preteen metahuman named Danny Chase who was abducted and weaponized by Darkseid. Just then, the group is contacted by Prince J’emm J’axx of Mars and Phantom Girl of the Legion of Super-Heroes, who reveal Conner’s current status as a prisoner in the Zone.

Soon, young justice‘s League comes up with a plan: using Danny’s interdimensional powers and a mother box provided by Orion of New Genesis, they can open a portal to the Phantom Zone and free Superboy. To be on the safe side, they enact this plan on Trombus, an uninhabited planet orbiting a red sun, which will nullify any Kryptonian’s superpowers. As the League puts their plan into action, Lor-Zod and Ma’alefa’ak arrive on Trombus, having learned of the plan through Ma’alefa’ak’s manipulations. The Martian uses his powers to seemingly kill the last of Danny’s sentience and activate the Kaizer-Thrall’s powers on the heroes, allowing General Zod and his cadre – Ursa, Faora, and Superboy – to enter the real world.

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The League is in a dangerous position, at the mercy of the Thrall and the forces of Zod. Also, Conner begins to feel the effects of the injuries he suffered before going to the Zone and passes out. However, it should be noted that Zod still has the kryptonite shard on him and he and his soldiers are now vulnerable to it. The young justice The episode ends with Nightwing and the team still in the Phantom Zone, watching the general escape and promising to stop anyone from doing the same. As dire as things seem, Earth-16’s heroes are far from numbered.

Young Justice: Phantoms is available to stream on HBO Max, with new episodes released on Thursdays.


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