Mono Editions launches cork and pulp furniture


Mono Editions launches cork and pulp furniture

Launching with a pop-up in Paris (March 23-27, 2022), Mono Edition features modular designs by architects, crafted from unique sustainable materials

Former gallery owner Laetitia Ventura launched the new Mono Editions brand with the aim of “discovering new talent and capturing the spirit of the times”. Launched in Paris with a pop-up store (136, rue Saint-Honoré, March 23-27, 2022) and two inaugural collaborations, Mono Editions focuses on pieces made with unique materials defined by a sustainable approach.

Armchair 12.8 Gram

The first two collections feature pieces in cork and pulp, with minimalist and modular shapes in unique materials. The brand’s manifesto sets out its ambition “to limit the production chain in order to create design objects that are above all accessible and durable objects of desire”. Its furniture is designed to be durable both from a manufacturing and aesthetic point of view, celebrating materials and craftsmanship.

Cork Console by William Ventura with Lamp 2.9 in Gramme Paper Pulp

Made of paper pulp, the Papierre collection by Romain Freychet and Antoine Prax of the Gramme design studio “defies gravity”, thanks to the appearance of white stone and the lightness of the paper. Resembling sculpted rocks, the geometric, grooved monoliths are inspired by classical architecture and their simple forms become a lamp, a chair and two tables. Their pieces, explain the architects, “evoke the aura of totems: aesthetics borders on the spiritual. The architecture is combined with the sculptural.

Cork tables by William Ventura

A different approach was taken by architect William Ventura, whose Liège collection includes modular furniture – a console, dining table and bookcase – in dark cork. According to the architect, the rooms combine the spontaneity of art with the durability of architecture. The modularity of the Liège collection is extended by the possibility of dismantling each piece of furniture, for example to modify the height of the legs of the table or the console, or to complete the bookcase so that the piece of furniture can evolve with the interior of an area . §

Detail of the Lamp 2.9 in pulp, by Gramme

Armchair 12.8 Gram

Disassembled cork table by William Ventura


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