Monitoring and Evaluation Officer – Zimbabwe


Use your expertise and experience in inclusive community development to help shape the vital work and future direction of CBM Global Disability Inclusion; a dynamic INGO working alongside people with disabilities in the world’s poorest places to fight poverty and exclusion and transform lives.

Reports to:

The Monitoring and Evaluation Officer will report to the CBM Global Zimbabwe Country Program Manager.

Job Overview

Monitoring and Evaluation is responsible for providing expert advice and support on MERL activities in accordance with MERL Policy and Standards, Program and Influencing Quality Policy and Procedures.

Based: We welcome applications from those who have the right to work in Zimbabwe.

Hours: Full time

Wage scale: The proposed salary will be competitive, depending on skills and experience. We offer you a local contract

responsibilities and duties

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E)

  • Develop and ensure regular updates of CBMG SAGE project monitoring and evaluation frameworks for MERL-compliant projects.
  • Participate in the conceptualization and design phase of projects by developing comprehensive M&E frameworks including indicator matrix, data flow, indicator tracking, MERL activity plan and budget, report including a theory of change.
  • Ensure effective use of M&E management information systems (PRIMASYS) and global PMERL system for collection, storage, analysis, reporting, aggregation of data at different levels including using data for reflective learning and feedback for the CBMG SAGE project.
  • Plan and coordinate data quality assurance, including frequent data audits and data spot checks for the SAGE project.
  • Ensure the availability and accessibility of reliable project monitoring data through the analysis and triangulation of qualitative and quantitative data for the SAGE project.
  • Establish the use of participatory, gender-responsive and inclusive MERL approaches and methodologies with adults and children to deepen stakeholder engagement.
  • Lead the development of SAGE project monitoring and evaluation tools and promote their effective application in monitoring project progress.
  • Coordinate the development and implementation of feedback and accountability mechanisms for the CBMG SAGE project.

Evaluation and research

  • Coordinate the overall planning, design, and coordination of project baseline, midline, and endline surveys, including reviewing consultant terms of reference, overseeing consultant contracts, supporting implementation quality of sampling methodology and data collection and review of draft reports to ensure quality analysis for the SAGE Project.
  • Review SAGE project evaluation and research reports and provide recommendations for approval to program management.
  • Ensure the development and dissemination of evaluation/research results from the SAGE project to donors, partners, key stakeholders and communities and their use in learning activities.
  • Perform an assessment of the completeness of all technical reports produced by external consultants for the SAGE project.

Knowledge management and learning

  • Establish learning and dissemination of research products through different channels to different audiences to establish CBMG as a thought leader.
  • Support the generation of CBMG SAGE project reports in accordance with donor guidelines and the CBMG reporting framework.
  • Ensure documentation of the CBMG SAGE project and influence the work through various channels to demonstrate the effectiveness of the program.
  • Facilitate the generation, storage and use of project information among project staff and key stakeholders.
  • Build capacity of staff and partners on basic MERL in line with Plan’s MERL approach.
  • Manage SAP to ensure consistency and integrity of SAGE project data for reporting and decision making.
  • Ensure that SAGE project monitoring, evaluation and research initiatives are carried out in accordance with Plan policies and procedures.

Participate in CBMG MERL networks to improve CBMG program performance

  • Participate in MERL networks to facilitate learning and experience sharing.
  • Identify and establish relevant networks and platforms for project-related monitoring, evaluation and research initiatives.

Child protection and gender mainstreaming

  • Promotes and adheres to CBMG policies and procedures, including but not limited to: gender mainstreaming, safeguard policy, code of conduct and related mandatory reporting responsibilities.
  • Understands the incident management framework and its role as the first responder in recording, responding to and reporting incidents.
  • Understands the survivor-centered approach and how to apply it when receiving a complaint or responding to an incident. Knows the local support services available in the community or region and how to mobilize them.
  • Able to listen and accurately document reported concerns and complaints.
  • Able to maintain confidentiality of safeguard claims.
  • Able to apply survivor-centered approach appropriately.
  • Treat the survivor and others involved in an incident with dignity and respect.
  • Demonstrate confidence in implementing initial incident response protocols by gaining the trust and cooperation of affected parties.

Main expected results of this role

  1. Manage the collection of quantitative and qualitative data.
  2. Adapt MERL approaches and methodologies to the local context.
  3. Work with/manage MERL consultants and data collectors.
  4. Apply recognized data quality assurance standards.
  5. Use and manage information in Plan’s information and data systems.
  6. Analyze, synthesize and draw conclusions and lessons learned from M&E data and processes.
  7. Support, coach and train staff to improve MER and respond to MER questions.
  8. Develop and implement M&E frameworks at strategic (country strategy) and operational (project) levels

Person specification

All of the following requirements are essential, unless marked with a * when they are desirableand will be assessed from a combination of information provided by the application form and the interview process.

CBM Global welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds and people with lived experience of disability.

Experience and knowledge

  • 3 to 5 years of relevant professional experience
  • Participatory, gender sensitive and inclusive MERL approaches and methodologies with adults and children.
  • Data management, quality control and validation processes and requirements
  • Theory of change approach and implications for MERL.
  • Feedback and complaints mechanisms and methodologies.
  • M&E of social norms and influence.
  • M&E in emergencies and fragile contexts.
  • Appropriate statistical analysis methodologies and systems

Personal skills/competences/qualities

  • Understand and consistently apply ethical MER practices.
  • Engage and influence staff and management to implement strong MERL practices.
  • Promote and encourage discussion and learning on gender and inclusion in M&E.
  • Promote and support alignment between projects, national and global M&E results frameworks.
  • Strong interpersonal and coordination skills, with a proven ability to be flexible and work in a team.
  • Excellent planning, multitasking and time management skills.

Qualifications, training and education

  • Degree in development studies, monitoring and evaluation, statistics and operations research, strategic planning or related studies.
  • A graduate degree in research and/or monitoring and evaluation*

How to register

To apply:

Please click here Zimbabwe: Monitoring and Evaluation Officer | CBM Global ( to download the Recruitment Pack for more information and how to apply. For any request, please send an e-mail to [email protected] Applications by e-mail will not be considered.

Deadline: Wednesday August 24, 2022


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