Michigan Wolverines to Get Team COVID-19 Recall Ahead of College Football Playoff Semifinal Against Georgia Bulldogs


As a precaution in order to keep as many players on the field as possible during the college football playoffs, Michigan football players will receive their COVID-19 booster Wednesday as a team, according to offensive lineman Andrew Stueber.

Stueber, speaking to the media on Tuesday, said the Wolverines had no issues with the virus ahead of their game against Georgia in the college football playoff semi-final at the Capital One Orange Bowl – but they are not. unwilling to take all the chances.

“The recall is here now, we have a full team recall tomorrow, so that will be good,” said Stueber. “I think everyone understands the gravity of the situation, having an outbreak now would be devastating for a lot of people. Understanding the worry out there is a big thing, so we took the proper precautions there.”

Stueber did not give an exact number, but said the team having a certain number of vaccinated players, and now the recall, meant not having to prevent players from training for COVID-19 reasons.

The team are taking extra precautions aside from getting the recall to ensure their 11-1 season isn’t ruined by having someone sit against the Dawgs.

“It’s definitely a growing concern for us,” Stueber said. “We put on face masks at meetings, maintaining social distancing. A lot of people have their take out, not really sitting too much. But, it’s a lot safer now, a lot of students have left campus.”

The Wolverines ended the season with a loss, to rival Michigan State, and defeated Iowa in the Big Ten Championship to make their first college football playoff semifinal. It has already been a season of sacrifice, with team leaders taking on more responsibility to push each other past season 2-4 in 2020.

As others spoke to the media on Tuesday, the message was the same: No one wants to waste this type of opportunity.

“When I was young my parents always told me that when you want something different you have to make sacrifices,” said defensive tackle Christopher Hinton. “As a team we are in a position where only four teams from the country are present and we have to make sacrifices. It’s doing something different on the weekend, wearing a mask around the building.

“So we definitely need to be careful with COVID because it’s on the rise so we have everyone strong for December 31, New Years Eve.”


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