Metroid Dread’s Hidden Secrets Revealed in New ‘Out of Bounds’ Video


Groundbreaking new video using an “off limits” camera shows Metroid Dread from a whole new perspective.

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Terror Metroid took over fifteen years to arrive, but the latest game in the series starring Samus Aran may be the best Metroid game to date. The series’ innovation has thrilled many Nintendo fans, while the game retains 2D roots, classic gameplay, and countless callbacks to the franchise as a whole. As players continue to roam every nook and cranny of the action-adventure game, a Metroid passionate peek behind the curtain to watch Terror Metroid from an entirely new point of view.

Terror Metroid burst onto the scene with the best launch month for the Metroid franchise in terms of sales. The sci-fi series has never had more popularity than people like Super Mario Where THE Legend of Zelda, but it has had a cult following since its debut in 1986. The Switch, in general, tends to be a “hit-maker”, and Terror Metroid seems to generate more interest than ever. This is true even in the air of a groundbreaking video that shows Terror Metroid in a whole new light.


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Twitter and YouTuber user Shesez recently uploaded a brand new video in his web series Boundary Break. In videos, cameras are used to ‘step out of bounds’ to uncover secrets throughout a game. Terror Metroid uses a stationary camera for 2D action, quick moments and cutscenes, a camera tool developed by another YouTuber Postposterous that allowed Shesez to watch Terror Metroid from entirely new angles.

The full video shows what enemies look like up close, giving bosses a whole new look from angles never before seen, and it shows hidden EMMIs (which are stored outside of the map until they are are called by the game code) and watch the horrible creatures that make them even more terrifying. The free camera control also shows how Nintendo and MercurySteam rendered the environments, as well as fascinating details of how the cutscenes work in the game. Although the video probably won’t help beat Terror Metroid At 100%, it shows hidden secrets, spoilers, and surprises that most will not have seen yet.

The Terror Metroid The Boundary Break video is captivating in so many ways. As well as being a staple for fans of the franchise and Terror Metroid Specifically, the video also gives a very intriguing insight into video game design. With just a new perspective, the video answers questions and gives details about Terror Metroiddirection of the game that could have remained unknown for years.

Terror Metroid is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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