Mephisto can lead Jane Foster and Avengers to a Thor War


The following contains spoilers for Avengers #56, out now from Marvel Comics.

The stream avengers run saw the team increasingly confronted by Mephisto’s allies and machinations. The evil villain has plans for the multiverse, and they include destroying the Avengers. But his final salvo against the heroes is a much more cerebral game and could turn one of the heroes against the others.

avengers #56 (by Jason Aaron, Javier Garron, Brian Reber, David Curiel, and VC’s Cory Petit) saw Jane Foster tempted by the idea of ​​taking back Mjolnir and the power of Thor. This could set the stage for a Thor war between Jane Foster and Odinson for the right to the role of Thor.

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avengers #56 is largely focused on Jane Foster, who found herself targeted by three Mephistos from across the multiverse. After being tempted by a bargain, she was finally able to see through the vision of a domestic life as Thor’s wife the truth behind her. Helping him was one of his variants, who reprized his role as Thor after Odinson fell in his world version of War of the Realms. The two Janes managed to defeat the Mephisto and send them fleeing. Jane even learned from her variant about the situation regarding Robbie Reyes, Avenger Prime, and the upcoming conflict between the Masters of Evil and the multiversal Avengers.

On paper, Jane’s confrontation with the Mephistos went as best she could. She gained important intel, was able to warn her allies, and even forged a bond with the multiversal team the Avengers will likely end up working with. But as Jane noted, the real attempt to tempt her down a darker path may not have been a quiet life.

When trapped in the vision, Jane rebelled, eventually taking Mjolnir for herself. This, coupled with meeting a version of her who retained the power of Thor, all seemed to mar Jane’s belief in herself. She ended the issue by looking suspiciously at Mjolnir, apparently considering the possibility of taking that power back herself, something that might even happen enough this summer. Jane Foster and the Mighty Thor.

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It’s an interesting idea, creating the possibility that Odinson and Jane Foster could compete for the same power. In the past, Thor was deemed unworthy to wield Mjolnir, causing Jane to take up the hammer in the first place. But in the current era, Thor has not only proven his worth and even stepped into his role as King of Asgard. Jane coming after the hammer now would create huge conflict with friend and teammate, and could invite further conflict into Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. A conflict that could weaken them when the team is already facing not only the threat of the Council of the Reds, but the chaos to come from Judgment day.

With Jane Foster ready to play a big role in the next Thor: Love and Thunderit makes sense to put her at the center of a scenario to avengers. So far, she’s been a valuable member of the Valkyrie team, seemingly juggling her duties as a superhero and medical professional in equal measure. She made peace with the loss of the hammer and seemingly embraced her current role in the world. But if she were to seek out Mjolnir again, she could spark a Thor War between two of the Avengers’ most powerful current magic warriors. With Judgment day already likely to pit the Avengers against other heroes, having two potential Thors vying for the same power could seriously complicate things.

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