Magazine to advertise for the government; The candidates emerge in district 3 of the province; Cranston’s GOP approves


Tuesday, September 14, 2021

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RI Treasurer General Seth Magaziner will make an announcement for the government on Tuesday

One year before the primaries, the political season is active in Rhode Island

Seth Magaziner is expected to announce his candidacy for governor of Rhode Island on Tuesday at Henry J. Winters Elementary School, currently under construction.

Magaziner uses it as a backdrop for its role in efforts to fund massive upgrades to obsolete school buildings in Rhode Island. Magaziner a Democrat is limited to one term to stand for re-election as general treasurer.


His campaign says Magaziner will showcase his vision for Rhode Island’s economic future, with a focus on education, innovation, infrastructure and inclusion.

RI’s Democratic Secretary of State, Nellie Gorbea, has already announced her candidacy. Governor Dan McKee is expected to officially announce his re-election.

The growing question mark is the fate of the mayor of Providence, Jorge Elorza, who had already almost announced he was running for governor, but with shootings, murders, ATVs and other issues plaguing the capital, its viability is called into question.

Council of Providence

In Providence, candidates are making announcements for the Ward 3 City Council seat. Currently, Nirva LaFortune holds the seat and she is expected to officially announce her candidacy for mayor of Providence in the coming months.

Bradly J. VanDerStad, who has filed an organization notice with the RI Election Council, has officially launched his campaign for the Ward 3 seat of Providence City Council.

“Providence deserves committed and progressive leadership – someone who has been part of the community, who understands the complexity of issues and who is used to working hard to get results,” said VanDerStad.

VanDerStad is the owner of the Providence Tour Company, a walking tour company with a focus on specialist tours of Providence. He is also vice-president of the Summit Neighborhood Association and president and co-founder of the Downtown Hospitality Group.

Sue AnderBois has already announced her candidacy. She is the former food czar of RI.

Cranston Endorsement

The Republican Town of Cranston committee on Wednesday voted unanimously to approve and nominate Vincent Turchetta for the nomination to represent Ward 4 on Cranston City Council.

The position was created when Ed Brady resigned.

“Mr. Turchetta is the perfect fit to represent the residents of Ward 4 and the Cranston GOP on city council,” said Matt Reilly, Chairman of the Cranston Republican Party.

Turchetta, a former Cranston School committee member representing Ward 4, is a retired U.S. Marine and a former correctional officer. Currently, Turchetta is a special education teacher, assistant professor at Community College of Rhode Island, assistant football coach at Cranston West, member of the Juvenile Hearing Board of the City of Cranston, loving father and devoted husband.

“Vincent Turchetta’s resume speaks for itself,” says Reilly. “I am honored to support someone who has given so much of himself for his country and his community. ”

In accordance with the Charter of the Town of Cranston, a vacancy at this stage is filled by a person who (1) resides in the same neighborhood and (2) who is a member of the same political party as the council member who left the seat. The nomination requires a majority vote of the city council present to be confirmed. Historically, regardless of the majority party, the party with which the position is to be filled chooses the person.

Regarding the appointment process, Reilly said: “I look forward to a smooth transition and appointment process for Mr. Turchetta, as has been the case for other appointees in the past. When City Councilor Aneice Germain was nominated by the Democratic Minority Leader in 2020 to be appointed to a post left vacant by a Democrat, every Republican attended the special meeting to ensure the nomination could go to a vote, and overwhelmingly supported the Democrats’ choice, with one abstention. It was the right thing to do then, and it is the right thing to do now. I look forward to Mr. Turchetta receiving the same mature and respectful treatment from the Cranston Democrats that Ms. Germain received from the Cranston Republicans.

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