Lend me your iPhone to test the “Backdrop App” game changer


A report I read this morning from TechCrunch’s Tage Kene-Okafor talks about a new travel app startup called Background. This development is a photo sharing app that combines technology, social media and travel to enable users to streamline and enhance the search, sharing and usefulness of travel. The founders say the pain point is “There is currently no dedicated application for finding pretty places. “ Okay, I’m intrigued.

According to the various backdrop news, three friends, Timilehin Ajiboye, Damilola Odufuwa and Odunayo Eweniyi have collaborated to launch what some analysts say is a game changer for travel finding and sharing. The tech media jargon is long and boring. What we’re talking about here is a social platform that condenses, aggregates, and filters the magic of users’ journeys to make it more relevant. And, in the end, more useful and more fun.

By backdrop

TechCrunch and the rest of the media talk endlessly about the long tail of Backdrop development, things like scaling global, blah, blah, blah. There’s a bunch of buzzwords like millennials and GenZ thrown around by the folks at Backdrop, which shows me there’s a marketer out there somewhere. But is there no beta test? TechCrunch was built by Michael Arrington based on cutting edge technology, testing what to come, etc. This is a press release.

Well, excuse me for being too conventional, but a good idea with a website and user conversion page in place isn’t exactly Bezos and Shatner flying into space aboard a spaceship in the shape of a penis. Sorry, I remember being an alpha and beta tester alongside Arrington and the others, and I remember how difficult media communication with TC and others was when I was in charge of public relations.

If I hadn’t worked a decade to build relationships or showcase some amazing innovation, TC, Mashable, RWW, Rafe Needleman, or none of the others would have released. Has technology gotten that thin? All right, let me see. In all fairness, Tage Kene-Okafor says that TC has “spoken to” some beta users, so I guess this is the 2021 version to find out.

I can sign up for early access to Backdrop. Opp! I could if I had an iPhone. Hi. Okay, what about the app’s iOS reviews? There are already 6. Here is one from user ZainabZFA a few days after the publication of TC:

Perfect travel companion

I’m so glad I didn’t have to scour Instagram for places to go out to eat / hang out. This app is exactly what I need!

Wow! Exactly what someone needs. Interestingly, Backdrop also follows 6 people on TikTok. Probably a coincidence.

Backdrop on TikTok – from my account

So having to regurgitate what Backdrop and everyone else is saying, showing and posting, I guess my images will be from the startup’s blog as well. It is just strange that a reporter from tech startup TC from Nigeria was not sent in this company’s founders’ beta test mail aimed at being the must-have travel companion of the younger generation.

I will say this, the developers have hit a huge pain point here. Google search has become an advertising soup. Instagram is already a hashtag nightmare. TikTok is like Twitter on some sort of new psychedelic drug, the context is totally lost. I remember when the search engine wars were about natural language or the relevance of semantic search etc. Relevance in travel is tied to the sinking anchor of a confused community. If the Backdrop team can sharpen the focus, create something that is really useful for people, they will be rich beyond their wildest dreams. I can’t say more, given that anyone testing the beta of this TC-hyped wonder doesn’t seem to be able to type.

Someone lend me an iPhone.


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