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Leadership Baton Rouge program takes applications for Class 2022

The Baton Rouge Area Chamber has announced that applications for the 2022 class of its Baton Rouge Leadership program are open to brac.org/leadership.

Applications will be accepted until October 31.

Applicants are accepted from public and private agencies, corporations, civic and other organizations, and individual applicants. Participants are selected by a committee of alumni in leadership based on their demonstrated leadership abilities through professional or community accomplishments, concern for the future of the Baton Rouge region, and commitment to the program.

Federal Campus begins work on the Siegen Lane branch

Campus Federal has started construction of a Mortgage and Business Center at 6108 Siegen Lane.

The full-service branch will house the mortgage, loan operations and business services departments of the credit union. Approximately 50 employees will work in the 27,500 square foot building.

The branch is expected to open at the end of 2022. It will replace the Federal Campus site at 5711 S. Sherwood Forest.

Tennessee company acquires Louisiana Orthopedic & Sports Rehab Institute

IMAC Holdings Inc., based in Tennessee, expanded into Louisiana with the acquisition of the Louisiana Orthopedic & Sports Rehab Institute, located in Baton Rouge.

Dr Allen Johnston, who founded LOSI in 1988, will continue to see patients at the O’Neal Lane Clinic. Johnston joins IMAC as medical director.

LOSI was acquired for an undisclosed combination of cash and common stock.

New Orleans architectural firm opens office in Washington, DC

EskewDumezRipple, an architecture, interior and urban design firm, has opened an office in Washington, DC

The new office will maintain the company’s commitment to design excellence established by its New Orleans headquarters and help meet the growing demand for design services in the Northeast.

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Noah Marble will lead the new office. He joined EskewDumezRipple after moving from New Orleans several years ago to settle in Washington, DC During his previous tenure he was instrumental in many of the company’s projects in the Mid-Atlantic region. currently under construction.

LSU, Delaware to Develop Chemical Manufacturing Processes Using Carbon Dioxide Raw Materials

A project led by researchers at LSU and the University of Delaware aims to make products from carbon dioxide, dramatically reducing the carbon footprint.

The immediate objective for the group is to make electrolysers that convert CO2 into multicarbon products more durable and efficient. A common example of an electrolyser is one that generates hydrogen and oxygen from the electrolysis of water. This project seeks to use electricity from renewable energies to trigger a kind of “reverse combustion reaction”.

The project is funded by a $ 4 million grant from the National Science Foundation’s Established Program to Boost Competitive Research.

LSU-Penn State researchers team up for energy production research

An interdisciplinary team of researchers from LSU and Penn State University has received $ 1.5 million from the U.S. Department of Energy to develop a smarter approach to ion separations, which are important for water treatment, resource recovery and energy production.

The LSU research team consists of three researchers: Chris Arges, assistant professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at LSU and Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Penn State; Revati Kumar, associate professor in the chemistry department at LSU with a joint appointment at the LSU Center for Computation & Technology; and Cain Endowed Chair José Romagnoli, professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at LSU.

LSU joins a group of 10 national universities and laboratories, including Caltech, Cornell, Harvard, Stanford and Los Alamos, all working to develop cutting-edge research tools that will lead to the discovery of new clean energy technologies.

LED launches the Diversity in entrepreneurship initiative

Louisiana Economic Development launched the Diversity in Entrepreneurship Initiative to accelerate the growth of second-stage women-owned and minority-owned businesses.

The program began with an inaugural class of 10 second-stage companies, which are typically defined as having 10 to 99 employees and ready for future growth by establishing sales in out-of-state markets.

The program offers retreat-style virtual meetings and monthly roundtables that use a unique blend of content, dialogue, policy research and peer learning. Each company will also participate in the System for Integrated Growth, an individual strategic research engagement that provides access to expert specialists who generate personalized information aligned with the needs of the business.

The companies in the initial class are: A&E Enterprise Management, Edgard; David Orsot plumbing and heating, Lake Charles; Endara, Shreveport; Global management company, Lake Charles; ILSI Engineering, New Orleans; In Loving Arms Pediatric Day Health Center, Baton Rouge; International Advisory Group, Bâton Rouge; Janitorial Services from Nick, Shreveport; Seedlinks Behavior Management, Shreveport and Turner & Turner Contracting, Alexandria.


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