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Haesten (played by Jeppe Beck Laursen) completely changed his mind in his final moments as he protected Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) and his friends during the Bebbanburg infiltration in The Last Kingdom season five. While the Danish warrior was ultimately deemed worthy of Valhalla, Jeppe revealed that his final moments in the Netflix drama were initially rather different.

Jeppe revealed that his pitch for Haesten’s death scene was sadly dropped in the final cut.

The Danish warrior and enemy-turned-occasional-ally of Uhtred of Bebbanburg came out in spectacular fashion in the final season of The Last Kingdom.

Uhtred’s usually cowardly friend stunned viewers when he took a stand and sacrificed his life for the siege of Bebbanburg.

“I really wanted to do it well,” Jeppe explained. “I wanted to move the public.”

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Before filming the pivotal scene, Jeppe drew on his character’s usual MO to come up with how Haesten might react to the killing blow.

He told the Screen Chronicles podcast: “But also, first I had an idea.

“When you’re in big trouble, you kind of go back to your own reflexes, you know?

“So what I really wanted was to get stabbed and then try to walk away with the sword…to escape the situation.”

While his character’s death scene wasn’t exactly what Jeppe wanted, the team was respectful enough to give him time to reflect on the end of Haesten’s journey.

“Before I did the stab, I just had to take a moment,” he recalled.

“Just, ‘Can I have a minute by this bonfire here?’ So, like, 50 people stood there and waited respectfully. It was unbelievable.”

Jeppe also confirmed that Haesten did enter Valhalla, as some fans were unsure if he fulfilled the requirements by dying with a sword in his hands.

He assured viewers, “The thing is, I grab the sword when I’m going down.

“When I’m on my knees, I grab it and I fall. I don’t remember if you can see it. It’s good to know [he made it].”

Haesten sadly won’t be joining Uhtred on his final quest in the upcoming film, Seven Kings Must Die, but his legacy will surely live on for fans of the hit medieval drama.

Last Kingdom seasons 1-5 are available to stream on Netflix. Seven Kings Must Die will be released in 2023.


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