Kim Potter sentencing date set for February 2022


The body camera and images of the patrol car shown during the trial show what happened during the traffic stop where Daunte Wright was shot.

In the footage, Potter can be heard saying, “I’m going to smack you,” before shooting Wright. “I just shot him. I took the wrong fucking gun,” Potter said. “I shot him. Oh my God.”

“Oh my God,” Potter added, crying. Potter continued to shout “Oh my God” several times as he lay face down on his stomach on the grass, according to body camera footage.

What led to the filming: Officer Anthony Luckey, the trainee officer working with Potter, testified that while they were on patrol he encountered Wright’s vehicle and observed that the white Buick had its right turn signal in the left-turn lane . He then immediately executed the registration of the license plate, the registration tabs of which had expired on the plate.

Luckey also told prosecutors he saw “there was also an air freshener hanging from the rearview mirror,” which is a “common violation of the law.”

When he pulled over to Wright, Luckey said he noticed marijuana residue in the vehicle and smelled marijuana. He noted that his interaction with Wright was respectful and that he had no reason to believe he had a gun.

When he returned to his cop car, Luckey fed Wright’s information into the system, and it showed that Wright had a warrant pending for a “serious misdemeanor charge” and a “protection order. for a woman”.

At one point, another officer, Sgt. Mychal Johnson arrived and Luckey informed him of his intention to get Wright out of the vehicle and stop him. He then returned to Wright’s vehicle and began to place him under arrest.

As Luckey struggled to handcuff Wright, Potter walked over and tried to grab his arm. Wright was able to pull away and get back into the vehicle, Luckey said.

At that point Potter drew his gun and shot him – later saying that she intended to use her Taser instead.

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