Kelly Wearstler store presents Rotganzen fondant disco balls


Kelly Wearstler and Rotganzen’s Melting Disco Balls Honor LA

Starting a series of new collaborations for her online store, Kelly Wearstler presents a special edition of “Quelle Fête” by Dutch art collective Rotganzen, five melting disco balls inspired by the city of Los Angeles

Kelly Wearstler unveils the latest evolution of her brand, an extension of her studio’s e-commerce platform to showcase the work of international artists, artisans and other designers whose work she collects or presents in his projects. The first iteration of the initiative is marked by the launch of a special edition of ‘Quelle Fête’ by Dutch art collective Rotganzen, five new versions of the artists’ Dalí-esque, melted disco balls inspired by the city of Los Angeles and available on the Kelly Wearstler online store.

Kelly Wearstler x Rotganzen

The whole collection ‘Quelle Fête’ by Rotganzen for Kelly Wearstler

“Rotganzen’s work is unique, elevated and playful. The studio has an incredible dedication to creation, craftsmanship and experimentation, and of course the fun spirit of design, ”says Wearstler. The American designer first bought a Rotganzen piece for her house a few years ago, then regularly introduced the collective’s work into her projects.

“I am constantly organizing, looking for work and collaborating with artists and artisans for many of my projects. It’s really my passion, ”she adds. “It is these craftsmen and their work that make my projects shine.

“Sunset People”, $ 22,000

The five new pieces feature Rotganzen’s signature mirrored surfaces and fused shapes, and their names evoke the city that is home to Wearstler and his studio: “Tiny Dancer”, “LA Woman”, “Cracked Actor”, “Tiffany Queen” and ‘Sunset People’.

“When we were asked to design an exclusive series for Kelly, we wanted to stay true to the concept of ‘Quelle Fête’, which is that they are a playful representation and a melancholy reminder of the big glamorous clubs of the 1970s and 1980s. , “the artists comment.” We also wanted a tribute to LA, Kelly’s hometown and the city that inspired so many musicians. So we designed five pieces based on the music of LA. The main soundtrack during the design became the runway that so perfectly captures LA: Buddy Collette’s “Santa Monica”. ‘

Kelly Wearstler’s online store

‘THE WOMAN’, $ 16,000

Kelly Wearstler’s e-commerce offers an organized selection of her home accessories, furniture, books and more. This new initiative opens the e-commerce platform to new horizons, expanding its reach through exclusive collaborations. “Incorporating artistic objects into the home can be intimidating: I want it to be a place where people can discover new designers, artists and artisans, and see how they can use their works in their interior spaces,” says Wearstler.

“Since I launched the e-commerce platform, we have continued to evolve and diversify,” she continues. “There are so many amazing opportunities for designers and business owners, and I’m always exploring new ways to engage with my community. Ȥ

“Little dancer”, $ 2,499


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