Kathleen Turner is not just a movie star


Kathleen Turner has one of the most recognizable voices in show business: deep, booming, galloping between American and British pronunciations, raspy as a cheese grater. On the vocals side, his stentor tone technically makes him a baritone. “By the time I got into high school,” she said on a recent Tuesday afternoon, holding a court at a back table at Joe Allen in the Theater District, “the music director put me with boys, what was fantastic. The sixty-seven-year-old actress had ventured into downtown – reluctantly – from her perch in Tribeca for lunch before heading to Town Hall, where on December 16 she will host a performance. night’s commanding cabaret number, “Find My Voice.” On the show, Turner sings standards such as “I’d Rather Sailing” and “Sweet Kentucky Ham,” and tells tales of debauchery from the show. ‘a life on stage, sometimes she even throws a bad word – or ten.

Kathleen turnerIllustration by João Fazenda

Turner, who wore black from head to toe, including New Balance sneakers, is the kind of woman who dresses simply but accessorizes with a decadent bling. Her milky blue jade ring and sparkly earrings were the work of jewelry designer Helen Woodhull, who died in 2005. “I collect it,” Turner said. “For three of my Broadway plays -” Cat on a Hot Roof “and” Indiscretions “and” Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? ” And then we would break the mold so that no one else could ever have it again. It was when I was rich. “

Turner pushed up his chopped salad. “The most reliable thing here is the burger,” she said. “But, well, you know. As she was about to try another fork, actor Reed Birney, also sixty-seven, with a tuft of silver hair, leaned forward. “Kathleen! ” he is crying. “How? ‘Or’ What are you?”

“Reed and I did our first Broadway show together,” Turner said, reaching out.

“We did ‘Gemini’ together, playing brother and sister,” Birney said.

“1978,” Turner added.

“We’re still here,” Birney said.

” We are always here, my dear“Turner said.” Always work. We did well.

As she prepared to leave for the theater, on a tour to check out the lighting, she reflected on several things that annoy her: when a movie star like Meryl Streep steps into an actor’s signature role theater for a movie (“I think Meryl is awesome, but it bothers me that she plays roles,” she said of Streep’s movie “Doubt”. how wonderful I am, and a guy says, “By the way, what did you do?” “), and people trying to interfere with his number (” One night when we were at the Carlyle, that guy in the audience started singing right with me. Next one was coming up, and I said, “Excuse me sir, do you know this one?” He said, “No.” And I went … “Good ‘”).

A person who doesn’t bother Turner: his 40-something barber, Joseph Piazza. “He now lives in New Jersey, so I’m taking the ferry to see him,” she said. Piazza is the reason she started singing professionally. He also cuts the hair of his director, Andy Gale. A few years ago, Piazza and Gale discussed Gale’s collaboration with Turner on a music project. “I just happen to have a perfect pitch,” Turner said.

At town hall, Turner joined Gale, a compact man in gray chinos with a short white beard and metal-rimmed glasses. “How can we continueto organise? “she bellowed, finally finding her way. As the two stood at the edge of the stage, Gale said,” This place was built in 1921 by suffragists, and Margaret Sanger was on that stage at the start. of what became family planning. ”He explained that the suffragists did not want lodges.

“If women ruled the world, I swear to God it would be better,” Turner said.

Gale said, “You run this!”

Turner didn’t care where the projector was positioned. “It’s a very severe angle,” she said. “I wonder if we could put a place in the center? She moved around, marking the positions of the grand piano, bassist and guitarist. On the night of the show, she will wear a “midnight blue tunic and flowing pants” (she had first asked her designer for “thick and thick silk pajamas”) and will sing near a vase of red roses.

“It really is a class show,” said Gale.

Roses, said Turner, are a nod to one of his most beloved traditions. “When you open in a show, your lodge looks like a funeral home,” she said. “So many bouquets. After two weeks, they are all dead. I like to have roses. Always. So every week I have a standing order of two dozen roses for my lodge. Because I saw no reason to wait for someone to give it to me. ??


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