Jupiter Hell, the DOOM Roguelike game

A screenshot of Jupiter Hell

Picture: Forge of Chaos

Remember this LOSS thug, the one for which Bethesda issued a cease and desist? Its creators reluctantly applied, but not before taking the spirit of this project and injecting it into a modern spiritual successor. This game is Jupiter hell, it is finally no longer in early access, and it is very Well.

In case you forgot, the name of the game is Jupiter hell. It is based on the work done for DoomRL, which was a DOOM-themed roguelike that had been posted online since … well, 2003.

Aside from the long delay of the Zenimax legal team, Jupiter hell still look sick. From an isometric / top-down perspective the game played out a lot like the DOOM board game – you moved turn-based on a grid, shooting demons along the way. The game came out full last Friday, and it’s come a long way.

Here’s the original Kickstarter trailer:

And here is what Jupiter hell now looks like.

The whole game is played like a traditional roguelike, which means there are no mouse controls. You can play with a controller though, and it works Great fine with that. But if you’re looking for a new game that works great on a laptop or low-end machines, Jupiter hell is one hell of a rabbit hole to take down.

As well as moving around with the keyboard / gamepad and picking up items, you also have a whole host of classes you can specialize in. The game gives you a choice of Marine, Scout or Technician from the start, and they all have very different specs and characteristics. capabilities. From there, you can specialize in over 20 roles or even rack up points if needed. All the traits also make a huge difference.

the the design also rewards patience and forethought. Instead of moving back and forth, you have a hold action that lets you crouch, improve your aim, and lower your chance to hit. You can then increase that with additional traits, not to mention additional relics, head armor, body armor, and other inventory bonuses.

And although this is a very traditional roguelike underneath – shotguns need to be recharged Gunshot – you can browse the map in real time just by holding down the arrow keys / controller. Some levels will institute a lockout for a certain number of seconds, which basically means you might have around 180 moves to perform.

The whole curved design of the cathode ray tube is also very suitable.

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Picture: Forge of Chaos

With all the environmental interactions, available weapons, combinations, and the faint hum of metal in the background, anyone who enjoys DOOM, traditional roguelikes, or tactical-based games like XCOM will benefit. Jupiter hell. Even the user interface is reminiscent of those classics DoomRL, Thug-st day with ASCII flags. Each run will take you around 4 hours once you get used to it, although these runs still have good intensity throughout.

It is an absolute gem and has gone completely under the radar. You can still catch it for 20% off on Steam, which works out to around $ 29 for Australians. Very good value for the time you get out of it, especially once you start racing in the more difficult difficulties.

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