Jack White launches new website to showcase his work as a designer


Detroit musician Jack White launched his new website jackwhiteartanddesign.com on Wednesday to showcase some of his non-musical artistic achievements.

Described as a “complete new multimedia website”, it details its creative efforts over the past 20 years, including industrial and interior design, furniture and upholstery, graphic design, instruments, hardware. , sculpture, vinyl concepts, filmmaking and photography.

“To work with Jack White, to watch him work on anything… is to witness the spirit of an artist as he explores and solves problems,” said Ben Blackwell of White’s Third Man Records in a media alert on the new website. “In carpentry and interior design, being in Jack’s presence during the ideation process, the assumptions and the tilt of the head can be both inspiring and exasperating. There’s no reason a building needs acoustic tiles, tin ceilings, or shiny yellow floors. But that’s not the point. The goal is to do something beautiful. “

Jack White is pictured on his new website jackwhiteartanddesign.com.

“Any myrmidon can buy a building and start a business selling chicken feet, but to take up some empty space, to imagine what you would like it to look like, not just visually, but spatially, textually, experientially and designing in that vision, making and occasionally taking left turns, keeping architects and contractors on their toes and people like me, who have to figure out the right way to say “No Jack, I don’t think a fog would be a good idea for the baling plant. ‘”

The native Detroiter, now living in Nashville, shares a large number of works on the site, including photos and descriptions of chairs, guitars, unique instruments, sculptures created in the 1990s and recently, photographs. , short films and more.

Visit jackwhiteartanddesign.com.


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