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As the Turin competition begins to solidify its plans for May 2022, another key detail of Italy’s hosting preparations has been confirmed, and we now know who is in charge of designing the Eurovision Song Contest. 2022!

The Atelier Francesca Montinaro design studio has revealed that it has been chosen by RAI to design the scenography for the competition next year, after a “very demanding race in which we participated with enthusiasm and strong emotions”.

In a blog post on the group’s website, they reveal that they “receive this mission with honor and we will work to provide all of Italy with a scene that shows the souls of Italians to Europe and to the world” .

Atelier Francesca Montinaro – literally the studio of Italian set designer Francesca Montinaro – have already organized song contests in Italy, having designed the sets for the Sanremo festival in 2013 and 2019, as well as several other productions for RAI and elsewhere in Italy.

This means that for the first time since 2016, famous German set designer Florian Wieder will not be involved in the creative process of designing the stage for the Eurovision Song Contest. Montinaro’s studio will now work hard to design and implement the Eurovision 2022 stage at PalaOlimpico in Turin, sharing that “months of intense but magnificent work begin for us to reach the opening of this third Italian edition of Eurovision “

Image credits for articles: Francesca Montinaro

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