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▲ (Left to right) The product experts behind The Freestyle: Jenny Jung, Sooyeon Chung, Dami Baik and Seungyeon Ian Jeong from the Visual Display (VD) business at Samsung Electronics

The Freestyle, Samsung Electronics’ newest portable display and entertainment device that displays crystal-clear images up to 100 inches, is enjoying success in markets around the world, including North America, Latin America and South Korea. .

The secret to the popularity of The Freestyle, a device particularly popular with younger generations, is that feedback from millennials and Zoomer has been well received and incorporated right from the product planning and early development stages of The Freestyle. .

To learn more about this process, Samsung Newsroom spoke with 4 of the product experts behind the planning and development of The Freestyle: Seungyeong Ian Jeong, who worked on product planning, Sooyeon Chung , who worked on service product management, Jenny Jung, who worked on UX design, and Dami Baik, who worked on product launch marketing.

Develop brand new device based on changing lifestyle trends

From the early planning stages of The Freestyle, Samsung’s product experts have researched Millennial and Zoomer lifestyle trends and strived to apply them to the product. Millennials and Zoomers pursue their own lifestyles and aren’t afraid to speak out and express themselves. They value convenience as well as the mood and style of the products they choose. Respecting the preferences of these young users, The Freestyle has taken these changes in preferences into account.

Lifestyle changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic have also become the backdrop for product planning. People have started to spend more time in their personal spaces and it has become more important to bring entertainment to spaces previously used to relax, such as the bedroom. At the same time, outdoor leisure activities, such as camping, have become more common. “The concept behind The Freestyle is its frameless, portable display that’s ‘with me anywhere,'” Jung explained.

Create a unique TV experience from a single platform and youthful vibe

It is not easy to describe The Freestyle in one word, simply because it is an unprecedented brand new product. Some users will use it as a screen, while others will use it as an interior mood light; others could also use it as a digital sign. As the very name of the device suggests, the purpose of the product changes to freestyle with each user’s unique lifestyle and style.

We asked the 4 product experts what they thought was the secret to The Freestyle’s popularity, and all highlighted the strong synergy between the product experience that can be leveraged in all sorts of ways with the unique Samsung Smart TV platform. . “The Freestyle provides all kinds of major OTT apps with integrated, partner-certified streaming services so you’re never behind on the best content and screen experiences,” Chung explained. “Additionally, smartphone mirroring can very easily be undertaken with Android and iOS mobile devices.”

Actively reflect the interests and experiences of younger generations

Since The Freestyle is a first-of-its-kind product, some hurdles naturally arose during the development phase. “Since this is the first such product developed by Samsung, there was no set benchmark for us,” Jung explained. “It was not easy for us to plan the product’s features and design its experiences from scratch.” Whenever doubts arose about the direction of the product, what helped the most was actually the feedback the team could get from the community council for Samsung employees in their 20s and 30s.

Early in the product planning phase, the core of The Freestyle’s offering was primarily viewing content through projection. However, fellow millennials and Samsung Zoomers have expressed enthusiasm for using The Freestyle to set their own kind of mood by projecting an image of their choosing when not watching content, and it is what led to The Ambient Features of Freestyle.

Even the high-quality audio offering of the device appeared after the integration of feedback on the community board. “While we were considering the sound specifications of the device, we paid attention to the mixed opinions on how the sound quality should not be compromised,” Jeong noted.

Go beyond the confines of a space with convenient portability and usage options

To use this product, small enough to fit in a handbag and weighing only 830g, anywhere, any place, a convenient using environment is a must. Unlike other projectors, the Freestyle quickly and automatically adjusts the focus of its screen with Auto Keystone Correction, Leveling and Focus functions. Thanks to the Scale & Move function, users can adjust the size of the projected screen and position it without having to physically move the projector.

Additionally, the Freestyle has a handy feature that allows users to directly access settings while watching content that doesn’t require them to navigate through a menu — this is accessible by simply pressing the home button and holding it down. Additionally, users can control the device via voice recognition, as the product features technology to minimize surrounding noise, previously a persistent problem for projectors. With support for the Farfield voice assistant, The Freestyle also allows users to play music and use virtual assistant features even when the screen is off.

A versatile device to use anytime, anywhere – on your terms

So how do the product experts themselves use The Freestyle? “I like to use The Freestyle to listen to music in high quality sound while projecting my favorite album cover image in the background,” Jung said. “I also like to project a video of the shining stars onto my bedroom ceiling before I go to bed. When I feel like falling asleep, I can just turn off the device using my voice.

“My kids really like it when we put The Freestyle on the headboard shelf and watch the content projected onto the ceiling while lying together,” Baik added. “Since the device can be used freely as you wish, it receives rave reviews, not only from millennials and Zoomer users, but also from users of all ages, including including those who use The Freestyle as a family.”

The most appealing thing about The Freestyle is that it can be used in all sorts of everyday life scenarios thanks to its compact design and ease of use. “We want to present a user experience that meets the diverse preferences and needs of users anywhere, anytime, going beyond the confines of a space,” Jeong said. “Our goal is to establish The Freestyle as a personal, mobile, smart display that can truly be used to the fullest.”


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