Imagination offers license-free GPU and AI accelerator IP to start-ups


“This lowers the barriers to entry of SoC design, enabling scale-ups to create IoT and AI products for applications spanning the smart home, industrial designs for smart cities or smart factories, kiosks smart and signage and health technology and more,” according to the company.

The program is called the Open Access program.

“A software driver is provided by Imagination, and compatible open-source drivers are now also commercially available, potentially providing more functionality,” Imagination said.

This link to Imagination’s Open Access program should be live by the time you see it.

Electronics Weekly asked which GPUs and NNAs will be offered and what costs will be incurred.

For reference, Imagination currently lists the following cores:

Series8XE GPUs

  • High-end GE8430, high-end gaming, mid-range
  • GE8100 entry-level, ultra-low
  • GE8300 entry-level, mid-range
  • GE8200 entry-level, mid-range, ultra-low
  • GE8310 entry-level, mid-range, high-end gaming, mid-range
  • GE8322 entry-level, mid-range, high-end gaming, neural networks
  • GE8320 512MAC (up to 1.5 TOPS) entry-level, mid-range, high-end gaming, neural networks

Series3NX Neural Network Accelerator Cores:

  • Cost Sensitive Devices AX3146
  • AX3386 4.0 TOPS
  • Flagship AX3596 single-core design

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