I’m an interior design guru and you shouldn’t throw away your leftover wallpaper – here’s how to use it in other places


YOU WANT to save every piece of wallpaper after learning how to use it on more than just the wall.

A WOMAN has shared how to upgrade your drawers with a special touch of leftover wallpaper – and people are raving about it.


A woman transforms her kitchen drawers with wallpaperCredit: TikTok / @pinchplateparty
She suggested using any type of paper for the drawers, it didn't have to be wallpaper


She suggested using any type of paper for the drawers, it didn’t have to be wallpaperCredit: TikTok / @pinchplateparty

The home designer, who just goes by Lauren on social media, shared a clip demonstrating how she redecorates her kitchen drawers.

In the video, she took a paintbrush and used it to add glue to one side of the drawer.

Then she placed her scraps of wallpaper on the side of the drawer with tape.

While using a sharp blade, she cut along the edge of the drawer to get rid of any excess paper.

Then she added some extra glue on the drawer and recommended doing it if needed.

Once dried, she simply reinstalled the drawers.

After finishing her drawers in minutes, netizens marveled at the transformation.

One person wrote, “Your drawers are beautiful! The kind of finishing touch that really makes a room unique and special. Thanks for the guide!”

A second said: “I love this idea so much!”

And a third went on to praise her creative idea: “Oh great, now I need a whole new kitchen. I love it.”

While you can be sure to put your stuff in drawers at home, a travel expert has explained why you should never use drawers in a hotel room.

She wrote: ‘Dresser drawers are not on a maid’s cleaning list.

“So if a traveler has been throwing dirty underwear in a drawer all week, you will contaminate your clothes by using any drawer without cleaning or disinfecting them first.

“I carry purse-sized Lysol on road trips or bleach-based wipes in a zippered bag after air travel.”

And drawers aren’t the only unhygienic thing in a hotel room.

A former hotel manager said duvets weren’t washed as often as they should be.

She said: “They wash them maybe once a year which is really disgusting.

“So the first thing you want to do when you walk into your room – don’t lie on your bed, take the duvet off!”

She cut off any extra paper around the border


She cut off any extra paper around the borderCredit: TikTok / @pinchplateparty
Then simply reinstall the drawers in the cabinet


Then simply reinstall the drawers in the cabinetCredit: TikTok / @pinchplateparty
She showed the final look of the drawers


She showed the final look of the drawersCredit: TikTok / @pinchplateparty

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