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Human Rights Watch (HRW) on Wednesday called on Indian authorities to immediately release all detained Burmese asylum seekers. The organization also urged authorities to investigate the deaths of two women who escaped Myanmar and died in state custody in June as a result of COVID-19.

HRW South Asia Director Meenakshi Ganguly said Myanmar asylum seekers should be offered “safe asylum” in India and not subject to detention and deprivation of their rights . She added that the Indian government must respect its international legal obligations and work closely with the UN refugee agency to protect the interests of all stakeholders, especially those who are suffering.

The group highlighted the violence and oppression caused by the junta, which handed down 65 death sentences in February to suppress the national anti-coup movement and stifle dissenting voices. He further described the killings and arbitrary detentions of activists, journalists, officials and politicians by the military junta over the following months. In this context, the group wonders about the uncertainty position of the Indian government after condemning the military violence in Myanmar and committing to a democratic transition while calling for the release of leaders detained at the UN Security Council.

HRW alleged that the Indian government violated the customary international principle of non-refoulement by continuously seeking to return the Rohingya ethnicity to Myanmar despite the politically unstable regime and serious allegations of crimes against humanity and genocide by the junta.

The group also cited the Indian Supreme Court’s decision to dismiss a request to stop the expulsion of Rohingya Muslims from the country and alleged that India’s failure to follow fair asylum procedures violated legal obligations. international government.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi must ensure that the Indian government respects its obligations under international refugee law. Indian authorities should treat those from Myanmar seeking refuge in India with dignity and protect them from further abuse. Ganguly declared.


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